Thursday, February 21, 2013

DON'T BE A PUSHOVER!! [My Recent Issue]


It is really unbelievable how folks think they can just do whatever and get away with it.

The first weekend of November 2012 I moved out of an apartment and left all 700 sq. ft. of it (tiny shit!!) spotless! I had only been there for a year.  There wasn't anything to do really but take my shit out of it, but still, I did what was right.  My mother came through on moving day and helped me with all the final cleaning touches.  The place was super clean. The carpet was straight and everything. I went super hard because the property managers stayed on that bullshit.

I'd had issues with them over huge water bills as well as my car being improperly towed during the 12 months I was there.  My vehicle was towed in July for not having a permit displayed.  The little round sticker that had been stuck to my rearview mirror since November 2012.  That permit??.. Then suddenly, after parking in this lot that is monitored daily, at least 5 times a week, the permit just (POOF!) disappears.  And I had to pay $175 to get my car back.  I thought the property manager would do the right thing and reimburse me or at least knock something off of my next month's rent.  All logic points to the shitty ass towing company doing away with my permit to get that easy $175.  I even did a little research on the company and found complaints all over the Oxon Hill/Temple Hill/Suitland area for them.  BUMPER 2 BUMPER towing.  If you live in the area, BEWARE!!  I found all types of complaints about them towing folks and getting rid of permits.

So, yeah... Added to the huge water bills, the towing definitely put the nail in the coffin for my stay there.  And when I submitted my notice to vacate on September 4th, and was told that I had to stay a full 60 days (putting me at November 3rd) after submitting this notice (to avoid fees) ....EVEN THOUGH MY LEASE EXPIRED ON OCTOBER 31st...I knew these people is the pettiest bunch of nothings EVER!! And it also let me know that I had to have my shit totally in order when dealing with them.  I thank them for that, because upon moving out, I whipped out the iPhone and walked all over that apartment, getting good looks in corners, checking out the blinds, the tub, carpet, fridge... EVERYTHING!  Took less than 4 minutes to get a good, recorded look.  And it wasn't for nothing..

So, I'm living.  Minding my biz.  Happy to be the hell up out of that apartment! And I get a notice.  All the way mid-January from a Collection Agency stating that I owe the property over $260.  HOW???!!  The last bill I got for them was $136 for a 3-day stay in November and water.  Since the rent was only $905 a month and water was usually no more than $40 a month, I felt as though $136 was definitely more than was due, but I gladly overpaid a lil to be done with they ass.  But, OH NO!!!  They wasn't quite done with me.

I'm sure that by the time I got this collections notice, the apartment had been re-leased and everything! Where the fuck is this late ass bill coming from?!  I paid all they asked for and I left the place at least 99.9% the way I received it.  So, what's the problem?!  Immediately, I called the collection company and gave the poor lil guy, that was just reporting to work that morning, an ear-full!! I was mad as hell!  I first wanted to know why were they (a collection agency) contacting me before I was even aware that I owed anyone anything?!  What attempts had the apartment made themselves to contact me on this issue? And what the hell do I owe them for any damn way?!  The collection rep was only able to tell me when the property sent the issue to them and what it was for.  He says that they received the case early January and I owed for carpet damage, some other (unnamed) "damage" and rent. Really??..

Next, I contacted the property.  The manager told me really matter-of-fact-like, that I owed $85 for the carpet being washed, $85 for "damages" (again nothing in particular mentioned) and $70 more for rent, because, AS SHE SAYS, although the headquarters for the property sent me the final bill of $136, I actually owed more.  $70 more, according to her.  DUDE!! What. IN. DEE. FUCK?!!  You mean to tell me on a $950 max rent and water bill, I owe over $200 for 3 fuckin' days?!!  HELL NAH!!  I actually overpaid y'all asses with the $136!  If you wanna talk, let's talk bout dat!

And when asked why she didn't attempt to contact me before sending me to a collection agency, she said that she actually did send me a notice out as soon as I moved out, back in November.  She read off my new address and everything like, "I don't know why you didn't get it, but I'll send it again."  What did I receive in the mail a week later??... A duplicate letter from the collection agency that I received in January!!  So, again... When did you contact me in November?!! Stop with the games!!

So, on this call, I allowed her to list her shit down... "Okay."  My next call??... THE REGIONAL MANAGER.  I ain't got time to go back and forth with this chick that don't know the first about professionalism nor how to carry herself, period.  I talked to HER BOSS and allowed him time to look into shit.  Finally, about 2 weeks later, the property manager called me back yesterday and she says, "I spoke with you and you never mentioned that you have a video.  You just wanted to know what the charges were for and I told you. But then you called my boss and all they do is call me."  She was baffled as to why I'd call HER BOSS.

I had to explain to her that I got years of corporate experience.  She'll probably never stumble across another resident like me that ain't taking shit laying down.  I know that the shit they be pulling around there ain't right and I also know that there's tiers to a business/company.  In this situation, she pulls no rank.  She works for a nationwide rental property company.  She is the person that sent these bogus charges to collection agency before she even attempted to contact me.  And I know what her aim was, I'm sure she thought I'd be fearful of the shit going on my credit report and just fork over the cash, but she had the wrong one.  I work too hard for mines.  I have a hard time giving up cash for the shit I want.  So you know good and well I ain't just giving cash away to shit that don't deserve it!

And you may read this like, "What reason would she have to want to come after you, Mckenzie?.. What makes you soooo special??"  And I'll tell ya in two words: BAD REPORT.  Yes.  I believe in contributing to online reviews.  I do it for restaurants, products, and (YES) apartments.  Reviews always help me make pretty good decisions and I like to pay it forward.  So, I visited an apartments review site and gave the property a bad review.  And you know what, it was bad more-so because of the building.  Nothing the property manager can help.  The walls and floors are super thin!!  You can hear the fuckin' neighbors breathing for Christ's sakes!! I lived that way for a YEAR!!  It was horribly annoying.  I also mentioned the towing issue (and possibly the water bill, I can't remember.). That was the end of Dec.  So what a coincidence that I'm sent to a collection agency in the beginning of January. (Bitches and dey games!)

After we had this 10 minute convo about why I called her boss and what her boss does with complaints and what I did or did not disclose on the call I had with her, prior to calling her boss, and me telling her that if he can't fix the issue, I'd go above his head... And her explaining that I owed for the carpet being shampooed and the apartment being cleaned, and me explaining that there is a lil thing known as "normal wear and tear" that tenants DO NOT owe for....  She closes the call, saying that she told her boss she would just waive the fees because they are only $85 each and much less than what she's seen other people owe.  She made sure to add that last part in there.  And I made sure to reiterate that I don't owe for that.  And then, what about that $70 that she told me last month, that corporate says I owe for rent?! She goes into saying that I owed $10 more for water for the month of November... $10?? Or $70?!!!  It's actually neither amount, but this chick just proves that she was on some sheisty shit, making up charges, trying to get some of my hard earned bucks for NOTHING!  So, I'm still unclear on whether the supposed $10 for water is being "waived" as well or not, but this whole episode is silly as hell and I am GLAD to finally be done with this property!! **fingers crossed***

I recount this all to remind y'all to NOT to let these companies or their representatives or any damn body do whatever the fuck they'd like to do.  It's super sad that this lady probably does this to at least half the people that moves off the property and I bet my last (and I'm not the gambling type) that no one disputes.  Under $300 is little, but imagine scenarios like this that involve larger amounts of money.  It happens everyday. And that's sad.  People will only do to you what you allow.  Don't be afraid to speak up for what you don't believe is right.  And damn sure don't pay for a charge that ain't yours!


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