Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Love: Betsey Johnson iPhone Cases!! [UPDATED!!]

Phone cases are one of the most addictive accessories 'round.  They are so cute and give your phone a unique look, easily.  I love 'em.  Of the half dozen or so that I own, there are only 2 that I swap between on average.  An Otterbox for that ultimate protection and my Mckenzie Lacroix purple and yellow Star case from, which also lends a little protection (I guess. Never actually put it to the test, but the rubbery part that goes inside of the hard, plastic shell is super thin and flimsy, so..)

So, I was out with my mama this weekend and came across some Betsey Johnson cases for iPhone 4/4s.  And I now have a 3rd go-to case!  It is cute and the material feels so good!  The areas for the buttons (Power/Sleep and volume) feels sturdy but still leaves the buttons fully functional, unlike either having cutouts for those buttons or the material being so tough that it impedes the function or material that is so flimsy that it breaks easily or loses shape around the phone, like many other cases on the market.

I didn't explain the case as well as I would have liked to.  So, I'll end this with a strong suggestion that you grab a Betsey Johnson case for your next iPhone case purchase.  You won't be disappointed.  They come in so many cute prints and feel so good in the hand. It's all in the side material.


As much as I love this case, I found an issue.  (Sucks teeth and screams DARN!!) The construction of the case gets in the way of the camera's flash.  If you look closely at the above picture, you can see that the flash light is right on the edge of the cut-out.

I rarely take pictures in dark conditions and therefore, rarely use the flash.  But last week was my mother's birthday and it was PICTURE TIME!! Every picture that involved the flash had a smoky look to it. Eventually I stopped using my phone for pictures on that night and really didn't think much of it since I throw all pix on Instagram and slap a filter on 'em anyways.  But, last night I snapped a random shot and it was smoky as well. Being the problem solver that I am, (lol) I looked at the back of the phone and noticed for the first time that the flash is RIGHT ON THE EDGE of the cut-out for the lens and light.  I removed the case, snapped another pic and the haze was gone.

This is still my favorite case.  I haven't removed it since I purchased it. And overall, this issue doesn't even change my mind on suggesting Betsey's cases to iPhone owners.  But y'all should know..

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