Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Thoughts On: Beyonce's 'Life Is But A Dream' Documentary

Wanna know what I got from The Queen's HBO documentary that aired last night?  (I'ma tell ya anyways..)

I think Beyonce is Beyonce.  She's BAD on the music scene and it ain't nothing that can take away from that.  Not drama with her pops.  Not speculation that she now has a beautiful daughter with the aid of a surrogate.  Not the fact that she's doesn't wear the "hat" of an actress well.  Not that she's so private with her PRIVATE life.

The documentary was largely comprised of footage from past concerts and shows.  There are a few scenes of her private life in between.  I rather LOVED catching glimpses of Jay.  (One day I'll let that childhood crush thing go.  But until then... LET ME LIVE.) And then there were the few scenes of her on that GORGEOUS couch with the guy interviewing her.  (Is that silk?--The couch... I WANT IT!!)  And that's it.  

Beyonce began the documentary explaining that celebrities' private lives are under such scrutiny that sometimes their craft/talent comes secondary with the public.  What's seen on the blogs and in tabloids sort of supersedes the reason we know these celebrities at all.  And the real reason why we do or don't like any given celebrity.  And I agree with her on that.  I just feel like, talent has to be respected.  Let the talented artists live, you know? HOWEVER!!!  Why give a documentary so that us fans may be privy to things that  we normally wouldn't annnnnnnddddd we get NOTHING!! Except we do finally get full on shots of lil Ms. Blue Ivy's face. 

Was I the only one expecting more?..

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