Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: ABSOLUTHEAT Flatirons

I've had the same flatirons for over 3 years and decided to try out a new pair because my old trusty set is so beat up-looking.  Still fully functional and awesome at making my hair flat and shiny, but you know...

So, I remembered seeing flatirons in Marshall's before and decided to start there.  Marshall's has never let me down before, (but then again, that's usually on clothing, shoes and phone cases.  Never an electric item.)  I spotted really cute flatirons in different colors by ABSOLUTHEAT. I looked the package over and was ultimately impressed with the "MSRP $300" on the back, (as well as the heating technology diagram...).  For $30, these 'irons were CLAIMED!!  

I was so excited about the purchase that I slapped the bottom picture of the flatirons sitting atop the package on Instagram as soon as I got in that night.  Just yesterday I gave them a try and they DO NOT perform as well as what I am used to.  Namely, ABSOLUTHEAT's flatirons did not give enough heat. My old set I always use at 375º F and my hair is laid flat and shiny with just one swipe.  Any bending done holds well.  But with the new 'irons, set on 380º F, my hair did not get that immediate flat and shiny look.  I went over the same sections of hair a few times and still did not achieve what I wished to.  I then attempted to spiral curl a few sections of hair and the curls were very loose and nearly fell completely by the time I began on the next section of hair!!

I also think the heat control, seen in the top picture to the right, is in an odd position.  While attempting to curl my hair with the set, I accidentally turned the heat up/down several times.  Why would the control be set right there on the top of the flatirons??! AND so easily respond to the littlest touch?!

I ended up breaking out my old flatirons to straighten and a pair of curling irons to get my curls the way I wanted.

That was annoying and frustrating.  I am NOT happy with this purchase!

But you know what, though?... Aside from that "MSRP $300" on the back of the packaging, ASOLUTHEAT does state that the flatirons are "Designed for use with keratin treated hair".  My hair is NOT keratin-treated..... Maybe I should've read a bit more throughly, no?..

Here is a pic of my old, trusty set: (I recommend)
By Jilbère: Nano Silver Ceramic flatiron
I purposely captured the set at this angle to show how the Power button and heat control is situated.  On the side of the set and indented.  I never accidentally change the heat setting while doing my hair with this set. And that makes all the difference between a FUCKED UP morning and a happy morning for me.

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  1. I have the blue one, And I bought it for 40$ And i'm happy with my purchase. But I have the original one !