Saturday, March 23, 2013

10- Year Old Boy Killed By A Sign At An Airport

In the Birmingham, Alabama airport, a 300-400 pound "Arrival/Departure" sign fell on 3 children and a mother yesterday, killing 10-year old Luke Bresette.

The other two children involved have been treated (and released, presumably), while the mother, Heather Bresette, remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

From Huffington Post:

Albert Osorio, 46, of Birmingham told () that he was close by when the sign fell. He said a loud boom was followed by screams from the family and witnesses. Then he and five other passers-by lifted off the sign.
"The whole thing flipped down on those kids. It took all of us here to stand it up," he said.
Airport spokeswoman Toni Herrera-Bast said officials aren't sure how the sign fell. She said it happened about 1:30 p.m. Friday in a pre-security area of the airport. The airport continued operating while rescue workers tended to the family.
The airport completed the first phase of a more than $201 million modernization effort and opened newly renovated concourses last week.
Mayor William Bell issued a statement saying the city offered its full support to the Airport Authority in investigating the accident.

Such a freak accident.  Unbelievable.


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