Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Chris Brown News: Altercations On Jets & In Parking Lots [Video]

Mr. Brown in lighter, happier times..

I loves Chris Brown! (For obvious reasons) And I understand he is young, rich and famous and all, but when is the 'tude check gonna come?!!

First, Mediatakeout reports that him and his homies jumped his bodyguard while on a jet and then TMZ posts the below vid of him aggressively invading a short lil valet guy's space over a $10 charge that he felt was unjust for the tiny bit of time he spent inside the venue.

If anyone can relate to hating unjust charges, it's ME!!  But, c'mon, Chrissy Chris Chris!!  You ain't gotta fight all the damn time! (Simmer down, pleeeeasssse!)

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