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Movie Review: Dead Man Down [Spoiler Alert!!]

Scene from the end of the film

Me and my beau have been waiting to see 'Dead Man Down' since seeing the preview when we went to see 'Side Effects'.  Last night we finally got our chance!  The previews really sold that damn movie! I was intrigued as all hell! (Weren't y'all?)

After viewing, I think the movie is Okay.  And even better than okay, actually.  It is a good movie, but not one that I'd view again.  Not even when it comes to Blu Ray and DVD.  And that's solely because the "Magic" of Hollywood has lost its luster in my eyes.  And I try to take movies for what they are worth: STRICTLY entertainment, but I really can't fully enjoy films that are too far-fetched.  No matter how great the concept.  (Unless it's of the Science Fiction genre)


So, the plot is that a Hungarian immigrant and his family come to America to make a better life for themselves.  A husband, wife and little daughter. The apartment building they lived in, in NYC was being taken over by this street organization.  Instead of respecting the streets, (like majority, if not all, of the other tenants had, by leaving), when they had no way at winning against these guys, they decided to stay till the death.

Unfortunately, the young daughter was shot as she slept, by bullets fired by these gangsters, intended to change the minds of these folks that would not leave upon command.  The mother and father were set to testify against these folks in court, but before they could, they were attacked; leaving the mother dead.  The culprits meant to put the father down for the ultimate nighty-night-night, but he survived somehow.  And thus, his plan is set into motion.

The father infiltrates the crime organization that took the lives of his wife and daughter, (and damn near his own), and becomes one of them.  Once comfortable, he sets his plan into motion.  And this is where the movie begins.  He is almost found out and has to kill a guy.  Afterwards he plants little "clues" on the body and puts it in the freezer in the boss' (played by Terrence Howard) basement.

The boss believes that an unfavorable deal with some Jamaicans has set off events that he and his crew has been experiencing over the past 3 months and he goes to their boss to set things straight.  Terrence's crew bodies the Jamaican crew and pisses off THE BOSS that's apparently answered to by all crews.  He lets Terrence know that he's to pay up because he seems to not have long on the Earth to see things through.  Directly after this meeting, all hell breaks loose as the Hungarian takes out Terrence's driver and kills about 2-3 of his other men in a building as he tries to make his escape. 

And all the while a female neighbor of his witnessed him kill the guy that he stuck in the freezer and she demands that he kill the drunk driver that crashed into her vehicle and left her face scarred....

I'd be quite longer spilling the rest of the entire story down, so I'll just skip to the end, which happens to be the most UNBELIEVABLE of all to me.

In the end, the Hungarian crashes his pickup into Terrence's lovely home in this beautiful, quiet residential area.  The truck falls through a few floors after bashing in the side of the home.  Dude (the Hungarian) exits the vehicle straight blasting and killin' niggas on site!! Not dead or maimed (as most would be after such a crash) nor even in the slightest bit dazed!!  I mean.. totally collected.  So, this lone gunmen against a houseful of armed men, goes on a killing spree.  Terrence and his crew got the guy's female neighbor (that he's become sweet on), hostage. While Terrance is unaware, she sneaks off into his closet and inserts a disk into his Macbook which shows a video of an Albanian, whose brother is there at the time helping out Terrence and his crew, stating that he is being held captive by Terrence.  At just the right moment the Albanian steps in on the video and raises his gun to Terrence.  Terrence raises his gun as well.  The two kill each other, I believe.  The Hungarian does enter immediately after, and I'm not too sure that he didn't shoot either one from outside the door, but they both do end up on the floor, cold.

He snatches his girl's lucky rabbit foot from the Albanian's wrist and the two encounter the one person that he seriously befriended while pretending to be down with Terrence crew and they both let one another live...And he and his girl walk out of the house and to a train station and onto a train and to home, all while drenched from the sprinkler system that went off during the whole war scene in the house.

And not a cop was seen..

Unrealistic ending.  Unrealistic that this guy could actually infiltrate this crew and bring it to its knees all on his own, really.  He had help from others as far as weapons and things, but when it came down to carrying shit out, he was alone.  Outsmarting and betraying his way to his goal and going undetected for so long.  How did he get into this crew?!! Right at the head?!! How did 15-20 minutes of a war go on inside of this home that is nestled inside of a residential area without cops swarming the scene?? How did  dude survive crashing into the house and be the last man standing (technically) in that gunfight that involved at least a dozen other men against him?!  How is it that this chick (that is a STRANGER) sat there and told him she witnessed him murder someone and demand that he murder for her, unless she'd call the cops on him and he not just murder her ass, too?!! 

But again: It's only for entertainment.  

So, all Hollywood magic tricks aside, the movie is good.  On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a solid 7.

In case you've (somehow) never seen commercials or trailers for the movie, here's the official trailer:

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