Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'Notha Day..'Notha Yeezy Rant..


Mr. West is kinda tight behind his #7 spot on MTV's "Hottest MC's In The Game" list.  Soooooo of course he runs down why!! (It's only right, right?.)

Below is audio of a taped interview with DJ Enuff:

Hold up... That really Kanye??..  Noting Wayne as the #1 rapper??.. Saying Wayne, Jay-Z and Eminem in the same BREH'FF(breath)?!!  (Oh, the confusion!!).. And talkin' bout he gave Sway his first t.v... (Which has nothing to do with nothing, really.)

...Sway does tweet that it's true, so I guess this does confirm it is actually Kanye.


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