Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ratchet Report: Another Royal Rumble At A Chuck E. Cheese

Since a lil morning RATCHET ain't neva hurt nobody, check out this story of yet, ANOTHER Chuck E. Cheese Battle Royale:

What started as a standard child's birthday party in Florida at Chuck E. Cheese ended in an 18-man brawl that led to a shooting and at least three arrests.
The melee on Saturday led to the arrests of Briana Walker -- the birthday child's mother -- Alfred Peoples and Robert Thompson, according to WPBF. Walker allegedly had a Xanax pill and marijuana in her purse, and someone with her was found with crack cocaine and morphine, police said.
It all started in the bathroom of a Boynton Beach Chuck E. Cheese, where two men started arguing. Just minutes later, they allegedly started a fist fight in the dining room, and another 16 people joined in. Employees were able to move the battle outside, but not before the birthday boy's grandmother was trampled, witnesses told WPBF.
The fight spilled out into the street and continued miles away, where one man pulled a gun and fired at a car, hitting a passenger in the leg. That suspect is still at large.
When police arrived, they found Walker, Peoples and Thompson in the parking lot and arrested them on drug charges. They also allegedly left the restaurant during the fight without paying a $300 bill, Opposing Views reports.
Investigators later found empty vodka bottles hidden in a diaper bag at the scene, the New York Daily News reports.
Stories like this are beyond crazy!!  

Now, it's unclear whether those that began the fight were with the same party or not, but assuming that they were, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ATTEND A PARTY THAT YOU KNOW YOUR ENEMY WILL BE AT?!!  A little kid's party at that!  It ain't like you gonna miss out on something.  Was it worth attending Lil Man Man's party, eating that nasty ass pizza and drinking weak ass fountain drinks, just to end up in jail?!!

I mean, really... Why do folks not use the lil bit of sense that God blessed them with?!  Avoid a bad situation.  Or do you wanna prove something that damn bad that you'd fuck up a kid's party?! And I guarantee the dudes that started the fight see each other every damn day but saved the putting hands on each other for Chuck E. Cheese.  (I can't make sense of it.)

And then the alcohol in diaper bags... Drugs on the parents... What the fuck?! Really though.  Y'all should have just planned a house party for all this foolishness and hired ya homegirl's mama to dress up like a clown for entertainment.

Chuck E. Cheese need to enforce a dress code.  Shit like this 'bout to have these kiddie establishments discriminating at the door, just like most clubs be doing. It's sad and pathetic.


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