Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RHOA News: Porsha & Kordell Stewart Headed For DIVORCE!!!

Have you guys seen the headlines all over the blogs today?

"Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha"... "Porsha Says She Was Blindsided"... 

I would like to say this comes as a shock, but... not really...

Porsha, although she is a beautiful, young gal, is DITZY as a mothafuck'ah!! (Ain't she?!)  All throughout this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta I saw the struggle in Kordell as he tried to be patient with her mental shortcomings.  But how much of that shit can one take?!!  I could not imagine living with that gal day-to-day!!

I know it takes all types to make the world twirl 'round, but some shit I just can't deal wit'.  The forever "blonde" moments???!.. I just cannot deal!

Then Mr. Kordell... Regardless of how they (he and Porsha) try to twist the truth up, HE IS CONTROLLING!!! It ain't no way around that!  They both talking all this "Kordell's the man...I respect my marriage... I respect my husband..." BULLSHIT!!!  I mean, it all sounds good. But being controlled doesn't look nor feel good for either person involved. (Or at least it shouldn't.)

I am not married, (nor have I ever been controlled), so I cannot speak from complete experience, but I can say that I am big on respect.  I get a woman respecting her man and their relationship, no matter if that relationship is boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or whatever in between.  If there is a mutual understanding established and the relationship is monogamous, both parties should respect one another and what they have.  Period.


Kordell had Porsha scared to do any damn thang!!  Her first thought in any situation seems to be WWKD "What Would Kordell Do?" or WWKWMTD "What Would Kordell Want Me To Do?"!! She skipped the strip club fun in Vegas with the other ladies because she said she "respects" her hubby and didn't think he'd want her to partake in that type of outing.  She later comes back and tries to say that she just doesn't like strip clubs.... I'M BELIEVING THE "MY HUBBY WOULDN'T APPROVE" EXCUSE.

And what about that time she wouldn't let Cynthia and her people meet her at her home because Kordell wasn't going to be home at the time that they were to meet?.. She said that they couldn't come to her home because Kordell doesn't want people there when he wasn't in, especially if he doesn't know them.  o.O

Now, I've never been big on people coming into my home.  That's just how we grew up.  My mother never had much company at all and preferred it that way.  Her sisters would come through every now and then and she had one friend that came through every now and then and she ain't neva play letting any of our lil friends in the house whether she was home or not.  So, growing up like that, I can kinda feel Kordell on not just wanting random people coming to his home. BUT!!! If your wife... WIFE!!! Chose to allow people into your home for a business meeting, what is wrong with that?!!

Does he not trust his wife's judgement?!!

Hold up... We are talking about Porsha.. The Ditzy- Boo Boo.  So, maybe he doesn't trust her judgement of character.  Actually, it doesn't seem like he trusted her judgement on much.  Is it just me, or did he seem to kinda waddle behind Porsha like you do with a toddler that's just learning how to walk?  You know the waddle with your legs spread wide and back hunched over, always at the ready for if/when the kid begins to take a tiny fall.  Just about every exchange with them on the show was like that:  Kordell patiently listening to her trying to articulate and then seemingly guiding her thoughts with that oh-so-patient coaxing of his.  Think back to those baby conversations. Or the conversations when she'd tell him of the many episodes of drama she had with her cast mates.  Kordell was more like a controlling, loving father that just wanted to help his baby girl through life than a husband that wanted to create a beautiful life with his wife and partner.

No doubt, Kordell cares for Porsha and Porsha seems to genuinely care for him, but the two just ain't meant to be.  Not as husband and wife.  Maybe as good friends. But not husband and wife.  Porsha needs a Kordell in her life to coach her from the sidelines, not to actually play in the game with her.  Because this girl gonna need someone to keep her straight and help her through.

And Kordell... He just needs a ditzy, broke broad that has no wants, wishes or aspirations in life and just completely no sense of self at all.  Although Porsha played his controlling games, the little resistance she presented once in a blue moon, such as her pressing up on him about wanting a baby and nannies, Kordell ain't for all'a dat.  He just wants a PYT that looks like his ex-wife/baby mama (prior to Porsha) and listens to and follows all of his ideas.  No ifs, ands or buts.  And that includes no baby talks when he's not interested in having another kid.  He's guaranteed to find one.

All of that aside, I can imagine that divorce is one of those tough life events.  Especially when it is so PUBLIC!! I wish them both luck with it all.  Hopefully it'll be speedy and they can both get back to as normal a life as they can, separately.

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