Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Back To Black" Cover By Beyoncé & Andre 3000 For The Great Gatsby Soundtrack [Audio]

Thank you, "East Village Radio dot COM" for releasing the full track, but got DAMN!! The tagging up of this thing is worse than a Funkmaster Flex exclusive. Can't even attempt to enjoy the listen. (DANG!!)

But let me just say, DON'T FUCK WITH AMY SHIT, please!!  I don't like the song as a remake.  When I say that, I mean that maybe if this were a Beyoncé original I'd be okay with it.  But as an Amy Winehouse original, I'm not okay with it.  Check out Amy's in comparison to Bey and Dre's:

Beyoncé & Andre 3000 "Back To Black":

The original sung by the late (and great) Amy Winehouse:

I think the thing with Amy's music is that her lyrics were her own and tell a really personal tale so it's a little weird hearing someone else sing that. Perfect example is Dre's manipulation of the opening lyrics. Amy sings: "He left no time to regret/kept his d*ck wet/with his same old safe bet"
Dre sings: "I left no time to regret/kept my d*ck wet/with that same old bet" (Or maybe he said "bed". I cant tell.)

Again, without the original and knowing that these words were written by a woman and that she actually felt these emotions and translated that into music, Dre singing the lyrics seems okay.  HOWEVER!!! We all do know that Amy emoted her personal thoughts in these personal lyrics.  Her tone, lyrics and vocals all contributed to making this song (and majority of her music) a really good song that I happen to like.

..I mean.. Ugh!! (Maybe a video will make Bey and Dre's version a little more tolerable.)

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