Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BGC 10 Reunion Sneak Peek (Shannon Pops Off Early) [Video]

Maaaaaaaann!! Look.  That got damn Valentina! Her day HAD to come. This is the silliest bitch I done eva!!..(met)  She is the reason why I turned the season 10 finale off 1/2 way through the damn show last night!

Did y'all see that bitch and her fuckin' shenanigans last night?! (As much as I try to keep the potty mouth off y'all screens, this heifer done took me there. So, excuse me.)  Now, her bestie, Alicia decides she wants to sneak on Raquel because Rocky sneaked on her on the patio that time for jumping in the fight she had with Valentina, right?.. That was a plan gone wrong from the jump because Alicia actually ended up on the ground getting pummeled by Rocky. o.O (How do you sneak a bitch that is sitting on the ground and you standing up and yo ass end up on yo back???! Just how the fuck do dat work??)

Now, Alicia's best friend: Valentina. This bitch sits on the side doing that annoying tribal screech that she does and hyperventilating and shit. Putting on this big ass show to disassociate herself from Alicia because she KNOWS that Alicia was prepared to roll after she fought Rocky and she just witnessed Alicia get her ass whipped BY Rocky.  That means that her bitch ass gonna be left in that house with no back up against Rocky if/when Rocky gets the idea that Valentina was somehow in on Alicia's plan or just simply decides that she wanna go at V just for being the enemie's best friend.  All Valentina know is that she don't want it with Rocky.  Ever since her and Rocky had that fight in the kitchen and then she returned from a night at a hotel to find that Rocky went hard at Alicia... SHE JUST DON'T WANT IT WITH ROCKY!!

Y'all saw her reaction to the news of Alicia getting beat up in her absence.  Her mouth popped shit but her actions told all that anyone needed to know: She wasn't fuckin' round.

She really played that shit up last night.  Refused to even speak to Alicia on the phone after she left because she was "sooooo distraught over her leaving the house without her."  BULLSHIT, BITCH!!  I guarantee that if Alicia would have whomped Rocky like she planned to in her head (before the shit actually went down) that Valentina would have been on the sidelines cheering and talkin' bout, "My bitch whipped her ass.." and blah blah blah.  But it didn't go as they thought and she had to resort to Plan B: Act like she's totally against Alicia's attack on Rocky.  That shit is so lame!

And she even went as far as to sit down with Rocky one-on-one and say all this and that about how she tired of the beefing and she know Rocky is too and asked her what happened and all that.. (Spare MEEEEE!)  And didn't this hoe tell Rocky that she knew Alicia was planning to fight her on the last day in the house and that everyone in the house was planning to talk her out of it by then.  I just hate that damn girl!  Why lie?? Can't stand on your own? Now you want to get up under the enemies wing 'cause your support is gone?  Again: LAME as HELL!!

After she sat Rocky down and pleaded with those lies, I had to turn that shit off.

And you know, all season I been waiting for Valentina to really get her just due.  It never came really 'cause all she did was jump people and back out of problems when shit started to get too trill.  So, Shannon came out to the reunion dressed down and prepared for war.  See the action below:

A reunion that starts off with the action!!! Yesssssss! 

And Shannon... Surprising, right? She pretty much let them girls do whatever all throughout the season. Good for her! And double good for Valentina's ass!

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