Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, HELL NAH!!: White House Press Conference Question & Response On Jay's "Open Letter" Lyrics

We all heard Jay's song "Open Letter" that insinuates Obama granted Jay and Bey the necessary documents to go chill over in Cuba and how our Prez "told" Jay that he's gonna get him impeached. (Jokingly. I take it.)

Well, folks over in the West Wing have caught wind of Jay's song and they want to know what's really up.  Especially after the White House recently denied having anything to do with the couples Cuban vacay.

Peep the laughter in the room. (Especially from the guy in blue behind the woman asking the question) LMAO

I've watched this over and over! Too funny!!

I mean.. Rap is Rap. What Meek Mill say in regards to Rick Ross' lyrics that many found absurdly inappropriate recently?... "Imaginary visuals"?? (Just joshin') But we all know that most things said in rap lyrics aren't true.  They usually make for a good story, but not always true.

CHILL people of America!! (Ready jump all over President Obama. Sheesh!)


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