Sunday, April 7, 2013

Product Review: My New Glasses From Firmoo

My new glasses. Cute, right?..

About a month ago I received an email from an online company called Firmoo that specializes in glasses:  Personality, sunglasses, prescription glasses...  This email invited me to try out glasses from their site FOR FREE in exchange for an honest review.

Firmoo has held up their end of the bargain and it is now time for me to cover mine.

First, I'd like to say that my vision is pretty IMPAIRED!  Since I have been wearing the same glasses for about 3 years, I decided to take the time to get an updated prescription. Once that was secured, the shopping at Firmoo began. And I was really excited about this part because I'd checked out their site weeks before and actually saw a couple different pairs of frames that I liked and in addition to that, the email I had received from them stated that bloggers actually had more frame choices than the regular shopper.  So, basically, I already liked what I saw as a regular shopper and was certain that I'd have a hard decision before me with more options than I'd already seen, prior to receiving the Bloggers' link from Firmoo.

Wellllllllll... The part about bloggers having more frames to choose from was not accurate.  Actually, there were less options available than the regular shopper has.  The frames that I originally checked out weren't even an option for me when I accessed the site from the Bloggers' link I was provided.  That sucked and put the tiniest damper on my experience.  Initially I was all like WTF?!  But at the end of the day, this company has offered my a free pair of glasses.  After looking through the slim pickings, I found 2 pairs that were similar that I really liked.  I ended up going with the #SD2299 frames in matte, black.

After I chose my frames, completing the order was super easy!  Stick in your prescription information, choose additional features that you'd like to have and SUBMIT.  Honestly takes less than 2 minutes to wrap up your order once you have decided on the frames you want.  Very user-friendly process.

I ordered the glasses on March 25th and received them on April 4th.  About 8-9 business days (Did mail run on Easter Monday?)  And I LOVE THEM!! These glasses are super lightweight and cute AND the prescription is right on!

I long ago planned to have updated lenses placed in my old glasses because they're really classic and timeless (and cost me a nice lil bit), but since Thursday those can be considered retired. LOL

The SD2299's are trendy and functional.  For me, the experience with Firmoo has been a complete win!

As a new customer, you guys should check out Firmoo's 1st Pair Free Program for new customers ONLY.  This program offers a few different frames to choose from.  If you see a pair you like, order them and only pay shipping.  The glasses are free!!

If you check out that program and do not find free glasses that you like, check out the rest of the options available on the site.  Firmoo's products are really inexpensive.  The frames I chose are less than $30!

And I shall leave you all with a nice little collage I created titled, "My Free Frames & I":

We've had great times together thus far..

Visit my Tumblr page for additional pictures!!!

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