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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part I [GIFS]

Whew!!! Please tell me y'all caught the reunion last night!.. And if you didn't, please make catching it a PRIORITY in yo life sometime soon.  Last night, I laughed SO hard for the entire hour that these ladies and their host, Andy Cohen, were on.  And I tweeted up a storm along with y'all about everything I could.

Really.  I tried my best to keep up, but  every second was tweet-worthy!! (It was hard.)

So, with this post, I give a lil recap of RHOA Reunion Part I 2013:

1. Kenya's Oriental Fan: The ultimate finish to a "Chile, take a seat.." response

2. Porsha readin' Kenya like a book!!! Telling her that she stay pressed to speak Vanessa Williams' name out of her mouth and claim that she (Kenya) was the first black Miss USA, but actually was not.  She said Carole Gist out of Detroit actually owns that title. And basically, she was just calling her out for claiming the #1 spot and praising Vanessa Williams (only because she is widely known and successful in other areas, I suppose) and never even giving credit to her hometown homey Miss Gist, who paved the way for her.  That little speech was AWESOME!!! And the fact that Kenya said she had nothing to say in response to it was AWESOME topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry or two!

I Loved it.  The other ladies and the host on the stage loved it! Twitter talk was abuzz and laughs and smirks were abound!!

Now, some say Porsha got her facts wrong and that Kenya never claimed to be the 1st African-American to hold the Miss USA title... I really cannot say if this is true or not.  Kenya has said sooo much!  And since she ain't deny it last night when Porsha read her up and down and back again, it leads me to believe she must have said it at some point in time, somewhere.  Maybe the cameras ain't catch it or something.  'Cause after all that Porsha said; leaving egg on Kenya's face, you'd think Kenya woulda snapped that fan so fast that the damn thang broke!!! And commenced to reading Porsha right back.  However, she didn't, sooooooooo.. (???)

3. Nene Leakes denying that she began the whole weirdness between her and Kandi.

This was weird to me.  As I've mentioned numerous times, I LOVE the New and Improved, Gettin' Money Nene Leakes.  She is so above the bullshit now and I LOVE IT!!  But is she so far removed from her past that she doesn't remember treating Kandi cold the very first time they met?!  I recall one scene when they were at a nail salon and she said something about Kandi being ghetto even though has money...And there are countless other times during Kandi's first season when Nene continued to come at her with the claws out for NO reason!

All I could think was that Nene was hating on this young, successful gal.  And regardless of whether she wants to go on and call it what is is or not, I'm calling it what it was: HATE.  And she DID initiate the dislike they feel towards one another.

Why can she not just own up to it?  If Nene is anything like I give her credit for being (pretty real) I hope she takes Kandi aside and apologizes for, or at the very least acknowledge that she did start the hate up and the two can move forward from there.

Kandi's cool.  The new Nene is cool.  No reason why these ladies shouldn't be associates/friends.

4. Donkey Booty vs. Stallion Booty sales

And I hear these aren't even the actual titles to either vid, which is very smart, business-wise when the product has nothing to do with the XXX genre.

(Anyways..) Kenya and Phaedra go back and forth about whose vid is a top-seller and whose isn't.

And it looks like Porsha wasn't the only one that may have gotten facts twisted last night, 'cause Kenya said she was on Amazon's top 10 list and Phaedra hasn't yet accomplished that.  Phaedra corrected her by saying she actually accomplished top-seller 3 times. (So BooP!)

5. Miss Cynthia Bailey saying that she's damn if she do and damn if she don't!!

A viewer submitted comment stated that Cynthia came off as a shit-starter this season and that he/she wasn't feeling her.

Cynthia responded saying that she doesn't feel as though she was startin' shit this season and points out that in prior seasons folks were saying she wasn't saying enough and now that she is speaking up more people are saying that she's saying too much... What in the fuck is a gal to do??!

I say: Cynthia is too damn old to not own up to her shit!  Last season she was reporting back to Nene and Marlo every damn second!! (Y'all 'memba?..)  And this season she stayed on that same bull.. Reporting back to Nene and Kenya whenever she had the slightest opening to drop some "she said".

Seriously.  She'd meet Nene for tea and crumpets and say some shit like, "Nene, you're looking great today." (hugs and takes a seat) "Speaking of looking nice... The other ladies were saying somethings that weren't so nice ABOUT YOU when I met them the other night for dinner.."

Really, Cynthia?!! REALLY. OMG! Sit the fuck down and eat a damn crumpet!!

6. (Once again) Miss Kenya... did she not serve Phaedra with a "Watch ya mouf, save ya teeth" warning last night?! (Oh, YES SHE DID!)

And I don't ever condone no violence on a pregnant woman, but Phaedra was runnin' that lip extra heavy last night.  Heavy enough to warrant any thoughts of violence?.. NO.  But, Kenya is seriously crazy!! And she's no good with verbal altercations.  She's not witty enough or something.  And she just comes undone.  When words aren't good enough, we all know what comes next. (sadly)

7. Andy Cohen asked Phaedra if she really knows her due date this time 'round!! (and the stage erupted with laughter)  That damn Andy!!!

Y'all remember during her 1st pregnancy when she lied about how far along she was because she wasn't married when she became preggers?  Talkin' bout her doctor gonna deliver the baby at 7 months because it's already fully developed. No, hon'.  That baby was delivered when he was delivered because you were already 9 months. (okaaaaayyyy)  9 months and counting with a 6 month marriage under ya belt.  It's okay, Phae Phae.  You ain't the 1st and def not the last to get knocked up without a ring on it. I kindly ask of you to PLEASE STOP!

These 7 things are still fresh in my mind this afternoon and got me on the edge of my seat until next week! Stay tuned with me y'all!

'Till then, enjoy these Gif Goodies from

An exasperated Kenya. Putting bitches in their place and flickin' that fan is much too much.

Kenya's fan steals shows.

'Nuff said..

And even more said. (Fave quote!!)

Nene prepared us for the coming of ole Kim Kim Zolciak.

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