Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Combat Jack Show: An Interview With Dame Dash (2+ Hours Long!) [Audio] (Updates)

I'm posting this without even listening to it yet, myself.

This interview is over 2 hours long!!! I've downloaded it and stuck on my phone. I'll get around to listening to it over the next couple of days. And will come back to comment on it.  Till then, check this interview out for yourself.  According to Miss Info, Dame dishes on just about EVERYTHING.  And, yes. This includes Jay-Z, Aliyah and life without the two.  (Why else would anyone be interested in anything Mr. Dash would have to say??) Should be interesting.

Update 4/10/13 1:57 PM:

Okay... About 40 minutes in and this interview really is interesting! And his relationships with Jay and Aliyah haven't even been touched on yet!  Dame and his interviewers speak on his work ethic and morals and I must say it's all quite enlightening.  I've always viewed Dame as the boisterous, arrogant, and annoying partner of Jay-Z.  And as far as I was concerned, that's all I ever needed to "know" about him.

This interview shows that behind those characteristics that I don't care nothing for, there's morals and viewpoints that I can totally relate with. I like that.  And I'm intrigued.

I'll be back with more updates..

Final Update 4/16/13 11:41 AM:

Over the weekend I listened to the remainder of this interview and I really suggest it as listening material when you get a chance.  As I mentioned in the last update, aside from that obnoxious thing Dame got going on, he seems like a cool guy with great vision.

Dame says that all that bravado and excessiveness (that I disliked) was a role.  That's hard as hell for me to believe. And he also speaks on knowing how to play your role.  For instance, knowing how to take it as well as dish it...

On Jay, he says that there's no beef between the two of them and he thinks it's "corny" that the two don't speak.

On Aliyah, he says she was DOPE and the two of them really got each other.

On Rachel Roy, the mother of two of his children, and one of my favorite designers, he says that he hasn't met a better woman.

And on his life and if it's really taken the harsh knock that we all believe(d) it has, he says that he's still eating good and always has been.  He is a silent partner in quite a few businesses and he has galleries worldwide.

And here's two Dame quotes that will ring true till the day the Earth stops spinnin':

"Life is about perspective."

"People that don't know what's going on is always the most talkative."

Dame seems logical/rational and he's a hustler and a go-getter.  I admire that.

And it's worth mentioning that there is a musical interlude at about the :42 mark until about :55.  It's a nice ride back into the Rocafella days of yore.

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