Friday, May 31, 2013

'Memba That Video Set K. Michelle Was Kicked Off Of?? Watch Nikko & Johnny Boy's Vid For "NY 2 LA" [Video]


K. Michelle definitely hit a sore spot when she said ole Johnny boy is a Man-Lover.  If you haven't caught that episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL, please check out the reruns or hit up On Demand.  I was on the floor cracking the hell up over the scene in which Nikko and Johnny confronted K. Michelle about telling Mimi that Johnny is gay.

The 1st thing I found funny was K. Michelle's response when dude first approached her.  Johnny's voice was low and he didn't seem all that pissed by such an accusation.  K became defensive as a motha!! And then didn't even give Johnny a straight answer.  She started with all that, "You better get outta my face"-type talk instead of just telling the man straight up that she was talkin' shit about him.

Time-Lapse Video of The Cicada Life Cycle [Video]

Samuel Orr, a 42-year-old natural history filmmaker and time-lapse photographer, told The Huffington Post he's spent the past six years filming more than 200 hours of cicadas in various stages of their life cycles in a handful of midwestern states.
The effect is nothing short of amazing.
By using a series of still photos to piece together time-lapse sequences of the cicadas shedding their shells, Orr shows the oddly beautiful but ultimately tragic lives of cicadas, which live for up to 17 years underground in order to spend a brief six weeks in the open air before perishing. The footage is set to powerful music by composer Dexter Britain.
As The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal points out, to watch the cicadas' wings unfurl (around the 2:20-minute mark) is to see one of the glories of evolution.
Orr, who filmed through a microscope to get some of the close-up shots, hopes to make an hour-long documentary with his footage; the video above is just a preview. (He's started a Kickstarter page to raise $20,000 for the project.)

Some may see BEAUTY in it all.

Although I find it all amazing, this makes my SKIN CRAWL!! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Gone, Gone, Gone" Jennifer Hudson [Audio]

"Take Your Panties Off" Snoop Dogg & Craig Robinson [Audio]

Snoop Dogg and Craig Robinson (the black guy from movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and tv show, The Office) hook up for this duet that's on the soundtrack to the latest comedy Craig appears in: This Is The End, which hits theaters on June 12th.

Check out the song and a movie trailer:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Man On The Run For 13 Years Is Captured After Pissing On KFC!!

Talk about some silly shit..

From Huffington Post:

LOS ANGELES -- A man wanted for 13 years on attempted murder charges in Los Angeles was captured in Colorado after someone called police to report he was urinating on a wall outside a KFC restaurant.
Miguel Sanchez, 59, initially gave officers a false name when he was arrested Wednesday, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department. After he was fingerprinted, police discovered his identity and that he had a $2 million warrant in California.
"Kentucky Fried Chicken called and said he was peeing on the wall," said Colorado Springs police Lt. Dan Lofgren. "On the run for 13 years, and then they get caught for being stupid."
Sanchez is accused of stabbing someone multiple times after an argument in 2000, then stabbing a second person before running away.
Los Angeles police Sgt. Albert Gonzalez said the crime was classified as domestic violence, and that one victim was male and the other female. He declined to provide more details.
Prosecutors filed four felony charges against Sanchez in 2000: two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated mayhem and one count of assault with a deadly weapon, said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.
Gonzalez said LAPD officers were working on extraditing Sanchez from Colorado.

How in the hell do you successfully manage to keep yo ass out of jail for 13 years... THIRTEEN FREAKIN' YEARS!!!! Only to get snatched up for pissing on the side of a building?!  Couldn't just step inside and piss, huh?..


But, hey.  One less mofo that's attempted a murder (or two) on the streets.

Ever See The Bridezilla Episode With Deb & Her Daddy? [Video]

While many are celebratin' this long (Memorial Day) weekend, I've spent much of my day with the Bridezilla marathon on WeTv.  I'm currently watching a "Where Are They Now" episode.  I am GLAD they thought to put ole lady Deb in the mix.  Her father is CRAZY!!! (Crazy in the "Let's hang out at a local pub, Pops." sort of way)

I searched YouTube for the scene of Deb and her father in the car and him road-ragin' from the back seat.  I only found one vid.  It's captured straight off someone's tv screen.  Ignore the reflection of their lovely home and focus on daddy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Funky Dineva On The Current Season Of R&B Divas [Video]

Funky Dineva is always good for a laugh.  I watched the below vid because I recently caught bits and pieces of the first 2 episodes of (Season II??) of R&B Divas recently.  And I LAUGHED really hard!  I don't like how Angie Stone appears as the Mother Hen.  I thought they brought her in as a peer mediator or some shit until I saw her talking with the other ladies about actually going on tour with them.

Who made her the mama??  Everyone looks up to her and super respects her position on everything.  Which, there should be a mutual level of respect in all relationships, but really..!!  It's like, agree with everything Angie says and allow Angie the floor on any given situation.  That's just kinda weird.  Her attitude is really pleasant and all, but c'mon, you can't tell me her position within this lil circle ain't odd.

And then Monifah... Why do I just see her as a high schooler? It's more than the hair colors and the clothing.  It's actually something in HER.  Even though she seems mature-minded and all, something about her is just... ODD.

And did we not all feel like we were in The Twilight Zone watching her performance in NYC?  We have Nikki of Brownstone, Angie Stone and Keke Wyatt all sitting in the audience like, "Damn dat gurl good!!" I'm just like, "Are y'all shittin' me??"  I'm thoroughly confused by that scene.  That's like Whitney Houston giving it up for Ciara's vocal talents.  How else am I supposed to take this, but as a joke.  My head is still reeling with confusion.

Anyways, check out Dineva's review:

"Damn B*tch My Feet Hurt!" Mz. Luscious [Videdo]

Mz. Luscious talkin' that real shizz with her self-written and performed "Damn Bitch My Feet Hurt".  This one goes to all my honeys that try to tiptoe gingerly at the end of the night, looking like a toddler in da legs, as well as my bitches that keep stomping when the balls of ya feet and toes is on FIRE!!


"F*ck My Ex" Georgia Reign [Audio]

Georgia Reign's "Fuck My Ex" proves that love ain't always beautiful for us all.  (At least not the ending)


"She The Wetest In The Building" Supa Day [video] (And that's not a typo)

I've been all over, down and around Crunk + Disorderly today.  I swear, the person(s) behind that site knows how to find the good 'n hood shit that provides entertainment for the masses.  So, I shall begin with this sweet lil gem that was posted a week or so ago:


How many things are wrong with this damn video?! (Let me count tha ways..)

The puppy pulling dude into his performance area...Him playing with the dog...Him throwing the same 32 singles around and collecting them to be thrown again..the porn playing in the background...His hair...The Percy Miller/Silk the Shocker frames.... THE TITLE ACTUALLY MISPELLING WETTEST!!...I can go on AND on...

This song and vid is cray!!!

If you think this was a riot, stay tuned for more posts from my findings on C+D today..

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Grown Woman" Beyoncé [Audio]

Pic found on Tumblr

Beyoncé finally releases the full "Grown Woman" song.  (Snippet heard on her Pepsi commercial.)

Yaaaaaaayyyy, Bey!! When's the album droppin' though? o.O When I see her this summer in DC, I want new material.  And I wanna see dancing!!! (No baby bump. DANCING!!!)

And although Bey is definitely a grown woman, watch this song be all the fast ass lil girls' song.  13 years old talkin' bout, "I'm a groooooooowwwwn woman! I can do whateva I want!" lol o.O


Sunday, May 19, 2013

"New Slaves" Kanye West Projects His New Vid On Random Buildings Worldwide [Videos]

Map found at Red dots open to reveal several locations each for the viewing of "New Slaves".

Kanye projected his video for "New Slaves" on (a reported number of) 66 buildings worldwide!!  What an original idea! I love it just as much as I love the song! Check out the few different videos from various locations in North America:

In Toronto:

 At Wrigley Field:

Millenium Park in Chicago:

On a building in Brooklyn:

"You see, it's leaders and it's followers/But I rather be a d*ck than a swallower"-Kanye "New Slaves" 

Y'all don't hear 'im though..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Work" Remix A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, SchoolBoy Q and French Montana [Audio]

A$AP Ferg & Rocky on the vid shoot

Hold up... We got Ferg and Rocky from the A$AP Mob and SchoolBoy Q.  And then we got Trinidad James and French Montana...  2 of these things do not belong. (Hint: It's the latter two)  Wonder what inspired Ferg to go this route. (Hmmm)

Anyways, check out the upcoming vid's behind the scenes footage:


B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe" Kendrick Lamar [Video]

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Being a mother is the hardest job.  To those that aren't mothers, you cannot even fathom the amount of pressure and dedication it takes to be responsible for another being and to love and care for another being daily.  Every second of every minute, for life.  And yet, us mothers do this without thought and with little complaints.

There's no formula for life, let alone for parenting.  But a great mother is always there and does her absolute best to be sure that her child(ren) have all of life's necessities, especially love, support and great morals.

So, to all the mothers that don't even know what a day of rest may look like (and are content with that at the end of the day):


Continue to nourish and nurture.

"Dancin' on Love" & "Sometimes" by Valentina of Bad Girls Club Season 10!!

Since I haven't scrolled through my Twitter timeline in about a year (seriously), I made a little vow with myself to start looking through it at least once or twice a week, starting with today.  As I recall, Twitter is informative and funny as hell!!

So, I'm strolling along and I find a tweet with Valentina (@ValentinaAmour) mentioned from Bad Girls Club 10.  It was a tweet about ShanRock beating her ass on the reunion.  Similar to the many tweets I've posted about her, but it gave me her Twitter handle.  I visited her page to see what she had to say about Part I of the reunion.  That was about 5 days ago.  Before getting to the 5 days ago tweets, she has a slew of tweets promoting her music.  (Yes.  Her music.)

I had to hear what the hell this music sounds like!  I visited her page on Soundcloud and was super surprised!  Her stuff's good.  Check it out "Dancin' On Love" and "Sometimes":

These records are good dance tracks.  Click below to purchase on iTunes:

"Dancin' On Love"


Friday, May 10, 2013

"Darker" Gucci Mane ft. Chief Keef [Audio]

"Darker" got me jonesin' for da club!! *bouncin' in the house*

"Come & Get It" Selena Gomez [Video]

My ex-Zumba instructor played this song every week.  I did not know it was Selena!!

This song is obviously produced and written by folks that work heavy with Rihanna.  Sounds just like a Rihanna track, don't it?

..And speaking of Zumba.. My instructor was horrible. THOSE MOVES!!! *cringing*  Is Sweatin' To The Oldies on DVD?  I think I wanna take my weight loss on a vintage trip.

"Numbers On The Boards" Pusha T [Video]

"White Minks & Gator Sleeves" Stalley [Audio]

"High Art" The Dream ft. Jay-Z [Audio]

"High Art" appears on The Dream's album 'IV Play' that's set to release on May 28th.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bad Girls Club Season 10 Reunion, Part I: Valentina Proves Herself Once Again.

Valentina's face and Rock's right meet again..

I have been impatiently awaiting last night's airing of BGC10's reunion (Part I) for 2 weeks!!! Tuesday, immediately following the season finale, I just knew the reunion would be airing.... IT DID NOT!!  I hit my sis all like, "Giiirrrrll, don't forget to watch Bad Girls' reunion tonight!!" And she was all like, "I think they not showing it tonight."  She was right. DAMN!!!! I was ready to catch the full showing of Valentina going down, already!!

So FINALLY!!! It aired last night.  And we got all of 7 minutes of action.  I knew they was gonna be on that bogus shit!  The first 53 minutes (including commercials) was all about the girls coming out to L.A., where the reunion was shot, and each clique meeting up after being out of the house for however long (since the shooting of the show ended).  Whoever birthed that BRIGHT IDEA can go back and think up anotha one.  That idea is the worst ever.  I don't care what the fuck these girls gotta say off stage.  This is a fuckin' reunion show.  Act like it!!!  Sit all the cast members on the stage and let each say what they been up to since the show and address shit that happened during the taping of the show... Duuuhhhhh.

We can really do without them meeting up before being seated on the stage.  It's pointless.

And I know y'all are probably tired of me staying on Valentina's ass, but she really made this season. As much as I hate to say that; she did.  She's the most memorable.  Hands down.  Crude-faced, fake-ballin', hair weave gluin', loudmouth hoe that stayed getting beat on and/or hyping shit up just to back down.  Scared bitch.  With the one handbag. (But she ballin' doe o.O)

"The One" Tamar Braxton [Audio]

Hmm.. This song... I just don't really like Tamar's records. (Nope. Not even "Love and War".)

And 'though I can appreciate the color scheme and set up of the album artwork... Mar Mar is Sosa'n it up ain't she?? (Shout out to Sammy)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Box Chevy" Rick Ross [Video]

This is an extended vid (runs over 9 minutes). All I really took from it is:

  • I still love to see ole Kane (from Menace II Society)
  • I want Stalley's shirt
  • Ross lost weight
  • And I hate the concept (looks like the creativity well has run dry in the genre)

Chris Kelly of The 90's Duo Kris Kross Dead at 34

Kriss Kross (Kelly on the left)

This is devastating news for all us 90's kids (80's babies)!  We all loved Kris Kross.  The light and brown duo with the backwards clothing that gave us hits like,  "Jump Jump" and "I Missed The Bus". Maaaaaann!!!

Just crazy.  Especially after so many years of rumors that Chris Kelly had passed of some illness long ago (I think it was Cancer rumors.) Y'all remember that?  And then (to all of us outside of Atlanta) it was recently confirmed by photos at Jermaine Dupri's So-So Def function a few months ago that he was actually alive and well. And now this...

According to TMZ Kelly had a drug addiction that consumed his life and it's specualted that it ultimately ended his life.  He was 34 years old.


"$100 Bill" Jay-Z ('The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack)

(Y'all know I'm over here SCREAMIN'!!!!!)

New Jay-Z off the soundtrack for 'The Great Gatsby': "$100 Bill". 

Shout out HotNewHipHop on the embed code!! :)