Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bad Girls Club Season 10 Reunion, Part I: Valentina Proves Herself Once Again.

Valentina's face and Rock's right meet again..

I have been impatiently awaiting last night's airing of BGC10's reunion (Part I) for 2 weeks!!! Tuesday, immediately following the season finale, I just knew the reunion would be airing.... IT DID NOT!!  I hit my sis all like, "Giiirrrrll, don't forget to watch Bad Girls' reunion tonight!!" And she was all like, "I think they not showing it tonight."  She was right. DAMN!!!! I was ready to catch the full showing of Valentina going down, already!!

So FINALLY!!! It aired last night.  And we got all of 7 minutes of action.  I knew they was gonna be on that bogus shit!  The first 53 minutes (including commercials) was all about the girls coming out to L.A., where the reunion was shot, and each clique meeting up after being out of the house for however long (since the shooting of the show ended).  Whoever birthed that BRIGHT IDEA can go back and think up anotha one.  That idea is the worst ever.  I don't care what the fuck these girls gotta say off stage.  This is a fuckin' reunion show.  Act like it!!!  Sit all the cast members on the stage and let each say what they been up to since the show and address shit that happened during the taping of the show... Duuuhhhhh.

We can really do without them meeting up before being seated on the stage.  It's pointless.

And I know y'all are probably tired of me staying on Valentina's ass, but she really made this season. As much as I hate to say that; she did.  She's the most memorable.  Hands down.  Crude-faced, fake-ballin', hair weave gluin', loudmouth hoe that stayed getting beat on and/or hyping shit up just to back down.  Scared bitch.  With the one handbag. (But she ballin' doe o.O)

...And last night she got exactly what she deserved: A beat down!! And afterwards she gave us exactly what we all expected of her: A backdown.  This came in the fashion of fakin' an ailment to get out of going back on the stage.

I do mean REALLY!!!  Is this bitch not THE MOST PREDICTABLE?!

As the vid I posted a couple of weeks ago revealed, Shannon opened the actual reunion by pouncing on Valentina before she even took her seat.  Now, Tanisha (the host) and Paula didn't agree with Shannon's method of delivery.  They said how could Shannon "sneak" on Valentina after she'd bashed Alicia for sneaking on her girl Rocky? And both agreed that bumrushin' isn't cool.  (LOL)

I agree that bumrushin' is not cool.  HOWEVER!!  As always, there is an exception to the rule: VALENTINA'S ASS!!  First of all, wasn't she the same one telling Alicia that as soon as she see Shannon she fuckin' her up and all this and that??  So, no one can be mad that Shannon musta saw her ass first. <<Just joshin'! We all know Valentina saw Shannon's ass way before that attack began.  Yet again, she was just talkin' that shit with no plan on actually delivering on it.  And Shannon said Valentina was even on Twitter talking about how she was gonna do whatever to her when she saw her.    It's not Shannon's fault that this chick decided to take a seat in the face of beef.

And then didn't this silly hoe fall face-first off the stage tryna get at Shannon around the security??  And then she approaches Rocky and gets banged up for the second time in as many minutes.  (Smh)  And then she stood and fell again...  She was just a mess.  Reminded me of a newborn fawn.  Gnarly knees on skinny legs that buckle with every attempt to walk.  What the fuck was wrong with that damn girl?? Couldn't get herself together or something.  She just ain't know what to do with herself after getting served like that.

The medics had to come tend to her and everything! Her forehead was bloody and her edges were exposed.  She was a mess. It didn't take long for her to decide to take her messy ass backstage. Once backstage she whined to Alicia and Alicia was fakin' like she got her back and couldn't wait to get on the stage, talkin' bout she got her back and blah blah blah.  Alicia know she don't want it wit Rocky.  And that's why her ass stayed put.

Eventually, the host, Tanisha had to go backstage to attempt to coax Valentina back on stage.  Valentina tells her that she really just came to the reunion show to say that she's "Over it!".  And since she got attacked straight out the gate, she's REALLY "Over it" now and will be returning to her hotel room instead of the stage.  Tanisha begged and pleaded and promised to protect Valentina, but she wasn't budging.  

...And then... She did the unthinkable... She laid back in a small chair and began moving her lips, but emitted no sound.  Tanisha called her name once...Called her name twice... And Valentina continued on... No response.... She went CRAZY!!!!!!  And Tanisha hollered for someone to call an ambulance!! And then this happened:

The on-scene medic and Alicia escorted Valentina down the stairs (and to a waiting ambulance, I suppose.)  The show ended there.

Did Valentina really leave?? Is anyone gonna call her out on fakin' like she out of it so she could  avoid further whippings??  Will Alicia be forced to face ShanRock alone??..


I'll be watching next week.

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