Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Dancin' on Love" & "Sometimes" by Valentina of Bad Girls Club Season 10!!

Since I haven't scrolled through my Twitter timeline in about a year (seriously), I made a little vow with myself to start looking through it at least once or twice a week, starting with today.  As I recall, Twitter is informative and funny as hell!!

So, I'm strolling along and I find a tweet with Valentina (@ValentinaAmour) mentioned from Bad Girls Club 10.  It was a tweet about ShanRock beating her ass on the reunion.  Similar to the many tweets I've posted about her, but it gave me her Twitter handle.  I visited her page to see what she had to say about Part I of the reunion.  That was about 5 days ago.  Before getting to the 5 days ago tweets, she has a slew of tweets promoting her music.  (Yes.  Her music.)

I had to hear what the hell this music sounds like!  I visited her page on Soundcloud and was super surprised!  Her stuff's good.  Check it out "Dancin' On Love" and "Sometimes":

These records are good dance tracks.  Click below to purchase on iTunes:

"Dancin' On Love"


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