Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Funky Dineva On The Current Season Of R&B Divas [Video]

Funky Dineva is always good for a laugh.  I watched the below vid because I recently caught bits and pieces of the first 2 episodes of (Season II??) of R&B Divas recently.  And I LAUGHED really hard!  I don't like how Angie Stone appears as the Mother Hen.  I thought they brought her in as a peer mediator or some shit until I saw her talking with the other ladies about actually going on tour with them.

Who made her the mama??  Everyone looks up to her and super respects her position on everything.  Which, there should be a mutual level of respect in all relationships, but really..!!  It's like, agree with everything Angie says and allow Angie the floor on any given situation.  That's just kinda weird.  Her attitude is really pleasant and all, but c'mon, you can't tell me her position within this lil circle ain't odd.

And then Monifah... Why do I just see her as a high schooler? It's more than the hair colors and the clothing.  It's actually something in HER.  Even though she seems mature-minded and all, something about her is just... ODD.

And did we not all feel like we were in The Twilight Zone watching her performance in NYC?  We have Nikki of Brownstone, Angie Stone and Keke Wyatt all sitting in the audience like, "Damn dat gurl good!!" I'm just like, "Are y'all shittin' me??"  I'm thoroughly confused by that scene.  That's like Whitney Houston giving it up for Ciara's vocal talents.  How else am I supposed to take this, but as a joke.  My head is still reeling with confusion.

Anyways, check out Dineva's review:

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