Friday, May 31, 2013

'Memba That Video Set K. Michelle Was Kicked Off Of?? Watch Nikko & Johnny Boy's Vid For "NY 2 LA" [Video]


K. Michelle definitely hit a sore spot when she said ole Johnny boy is a Man-Lover.  If you haven't caught that episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL, please check out the reruns or hit up On Demand.  I was on the floor cracking the hell up over the scene in which Nikko and Johnny confronted K. Michelle about telling Mimi that Johnny is gay.

The 1st thing I found funny was K. Michelle's response when dude first approached her.  Johnny's voice was low and he didn't seem all that pissed by such an accusation.  K became defensive as a motha!! And then didn't even give Johnny a straight answer.  She started with all that, "You better get outta my face"-type talk instead of just telling the man straight up that she was talkin' shit about him.

After all, K. Michelle stay hollerin' about "Keep it real...I'm real...". Not standing behind what she said isn't "keeping it real".  Especially when dude came at her how he did.  He didn't come with his chest puffed out like he was bout to chin check a bitch.  All he needed was a "Yes" or "No" from Michelle but as always, she hyped the situation to the max.  For all'a dat, she shoulda kept her mouth and her opinions to her damn self from the jump.  Don't get all "Mum's the word" when dude asks you a legit question.

Secondly, even Ariane agreed that she had heard the same about Johnny.  Why did Mimi come talkin' that bullshit about "I only ever seen him with BAD bitches!"  (Girl, STFU!)  That don't prove shit.  But more importantly, I think Mimi went out her way to say some shit that proves nothing (ever heard of the DOWN LOW?) because she wants to keep the gay rumors as far away from her man as she can.  And this is probably also why she was lightening-speed fast in letting Johnny and Nikko know what was said.

And thirdly.. Nikko's mannerisms in that moment shed him in a gay light, if you ask me.  And as soon as that thought entered my mind, K. Michelle dropped another bomb on the best friends by saying that they are "roommates".  Two 50 year old, grown ass men.  Roommates.  Hmmm.  With this economy, I can see that being a favorable arrangement.  BUT!! Are they in a 2 bedroom condo with a den or are they in a sprawling suburban mansion??

If it's the lil condo, K may have yet another point under that running Butt Buddy tally.  (And as K said, your sexual preference is your sexual preference... Shouldn't be no shame and hiding and lies with that.)

Anyways, here's what you've all been waiting for, the official vid for "NY 2 LA":

What did y'all think?

I think:

What the hell is Mimi doing??

Dude said she was the leading lady.  What??!  Her presence is so pointless.  From the show we knew a plane was involved.  She had on her waist length fur, makeup and curls that fell within an hour.  I thought she'd be seen ridin' in style with her man by her side or somethin'. Instead she just boppin' to the music in the background.  Is this really what she considers "Tryna do something."?  She said every time she tryna do something it's sabotaged by K's hood ass.

I got a newsflash for Ms. Faust: This vid was sabotaged from conception.  (When it was but a wee baby idea in her homeys' heads.)

I say NO to the song and vid.  This is the very definition of wasted time and money.

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