Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"She The Wetest In The Building" Supa Day [video] (And that's not a typo)

I've been all over, down and around Crunk + Disorderly today.  I swear, the person(s) behind that site knows how to find the good 'n hood shit that provides entertainment for the masses.  So, I shall begin with this sweet lil gem that was posted a week or so ago:


How many things are wrong with this damn video?! (Let me count tha ways..)

The puppy pulling dude into his performance area...Him playing with the dog...Him throwing the same 32 singles around and collecting them to be thrown again..the porn playing in the background...His hair...The Percy Miller/Silk the Shocker frames.... THE TITLE ACTUALLY MISPELLING WETTEST!!...I can go on AND on...

This song and vid is cray!!!

If you think this was a riot, stay tuned for more posts from my findings on C+D today..

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