Thursday, June 27, 2013

Put A Fork In Her!! This HAG Is DONE: Ms. Paula Deen Loses More & More Deals Since Her Racist Admissions Plus Her Interview w/ Matt Lauer

By this time I am sure you all have heard of the boiling-hot water  the beloved southern cook, Paula Deen, has gotten herself into lately with an admission to using the word "Nigger" to reference African Americans.  This story has been everywhere over the past few weeks.  There's really no avoiding it.  (Trust me.  I've tried.)

I never planned to bring the story to this site because it's not much surprise in it for me.  We've got a down-home, elderly southern gal.  You mean to tell me she calls colored folks "Nigger"?? *gasp*  I am sooooo shocked and utterly appalled!! <<sarcasm.  Okay... I'm a bit shocked that a person in her position would admit such a thing.

As for being offended: her fake tears after losing so many partnerships and their paychecks, along with her decision to "keep it real" on the stand.  Offends me beyond anything.  She says that she has never used the word "Nigger" to the face of an African American, suggesting (to me), that she uses it freely at home and amongst friends and fam.  Just like all other closeted racists do.

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Like Whaaat" (Remix) Problem ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Tyga & Master P [Tags]

clockwise: Problem, Tyga, Wiz, Master P & Chris Brown

Skip the radio talk and start the audio at the 2:36 mark.

How much do I hate DJ tags???... A hell of a LOT!!  Couldn't even enjoy the damn song!! *sigh*


Thursday, June 20, 2013

#InstaVideo: Instagram Introduces Video Today!! [Video]


I just downloaded Vine last week.  And here goes Instagram one-uppin' an App (sorry, Vine-baby).

Instagram offers a max of 15 second clips AND its infamous FILTERS.  Vine offers 6 second clips and no filters.  (Looks like we got a winner.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SICK: Mother Encouraged The Raping of Her Infant Daughter By Her Boyfriend

Mother on the right. Her bf on the left

From Huffington Post:

A Missouri mother is facing child abuse and second-degree murder charges this week after being accused of allowing -- and perhaps even encouraging -- her sex-offender boyfriend to rape her young daughter.
Prosecutors allege that Howell knew her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, was a convicted child abuser and allowed him to spend time with her daughter Ashlynn. They say she was in the trailer with him when he allegedly raped and strangled the 4-month-old girl last December, according to the St. Charles County Prosecutor's complaint.
Details in the murder case against Jessica Lynn Howell were released this week, according to Missouri Fox affiliate KTVI. St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar told the station that text messages between Howell and Prince suggest Howell openly allowed the sexual abuse to occur.
“In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things,” Lohmar said. “It is very, very disturbing.”
Prince, meanwhile, has been indicted on counts of first-degree murder, as well as child abuse and forcible sodomy, according to local station KMOV.
The St. Louis Tribune reports that Prince had previously been found guilty of abusing a 4-year-old in Idaho. Howell reportedly knew about the incident and actually confirmed her boyfriend's police record through an Internet search.
Howell, who has previously been charged with child endangerment, according to the paper, is in jail with a $1 million bond.


How could anyone..Let alone a mother to a child, have any involvement in any type of harm to that child?!

Just heartbreaking.

Movie Review: The Purge

Back in the beginning of this month I went to see the film 'The Purge'.  It was WACK (as a heart attack).  And I'm gonna tell y'all all about it.

In this movie, America has a set 12 hours, once per year that no crime committed goes punished.  The only crime it really seems to be speaking of is MURDER.  The concept is that if a certain day/time is set aside to allow this "purging", the overall national crime rate is minimal.  And the powers that be believe that this also cleanses one's psyche and therefore makes life pleasant in general for all Americans?? (I guess)  And they also mentioned a few times that the Purge Day strengthens the economy.  I have no idea how that works.  The entire concept just left me like, "What?"  Not my kind of movie from the get-go.

...But I remained seated...


"Palm Trees" Flatbush Zombies [Audio]

"Trippy like that Destiny's Child chick..on 106".  LOL Poor Michelle will never live that one down.  Just when I forgot about it. (smh)


"Bounce It" Juicy J ft. Wale & Trey Songz

Looks like Juicy J has found his niche.. (sKrip club anthems??)

"Bring The Noize" M.I.A. [Audio]

"Feet To The Fire" Kelly Rowland ft. Pharrell [Audio]

Kelly Rowland's "Talk A Good Game" dropped yesterday along with "Born Sinner" from J. Cole and "Yeezus" from Kanye.  The latter two took Twitter by storm... Haven't heard anything about Kell's latest work. o.O  That damn "Dirty Laundry" deterred me from purchasing long before the release.

But this song, I like.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Dropped And I Thought...

.... The production is next-level and it totally overshadows any and all lyrical content (if it's even there to really be found).

I am a huge Kanye fan.  Not a "STAN"... But a fan, nonetheless.  From the beginning I always looked at Kanye as a breath of fresh air to the rap game.  He made it cool to rhyme about something other than the drug game and killing and bein' street and gang affiliated and all that at a time when that was all rap seemed to be about.  'College Dropout' was simply about the life of this producer-turned-rapper who remained diligent and made a name for himself as a producer and had finally proven himself as a rapper amongst his peers that he thought highly of, as well as to the World.

Kanye continued to prove himself with 'Late Registration'.  A great Freshman AND Sophomore album.  And then comes 808s & Heartbreak, which seemed to be transitional for the artist.  808s is one of my favorite albums from Kanye.  The production was awesome and a bit dark.  Very fitting for situations I experienced in my life at the time.  Beat-wise, internally...spiritually, I related to that entire album and from the majority of the reviews I've ever seen on that album, a lot of people also peg this as their favorite from 'Ye.

And then he gave, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' which he introduced with G.O.O.D Fridays, basically giving his entire album away to his fans for FREE over a course of about 10 weeks or so.  Yet again, another great album!

The one album I did not like from Yeezy was 'Graduation'.  The only one.  Writing this, I am hard-pressed to even name singles from this album.  And of course as soon as I write that my mind goes: "Flashing Lights".."Can't Tell Me Nothing".  But I promise that I couldn't think of one other song that didn't make it to the radio.  I just didn't like it.

And see, I gotta compare Kanye to Kanye because Kanye is just that great and genius, musically.  And he knows this and I can see that with each album he pushes further and further.  With this latest album I get the feel that he tried too hard to prove that he's the one pushing the rap genre to expand beyond common boundaries of how "Rap" should sound or be delivered.  All his other albums that pushed the envelope seemed to do so effortlessly.  But not 'Yeezus' (for me).

I actually went to sleep super early yesterday and woke up at 4 AM.  Downloaded 'Yeezus' and listened to the entire album in 40 minutes.  I haven't listened to it again since.  With the exception of 'Graduation' that's unusual for me with a Kanye West album.  And something inside of me is pressed to feel differently, but I just can't.  Maybe after a few more listens I'll be able to point out more good, but at this point I'm wishing that Kanye will maybe collab with other great producers like he did for this album and just bless us with an entire work of dope instrumentals??  (That's not unheard of, is it?)

If you haven't purchased 'Yeezus', give it a listen here.  As I said, the production is awesome on the entire album.  It's just that the lyrical content doesn't quite meet the expectations of the music.  So here's the tracks I particularly like:

#2 "On Sight" purely for Production!
#6 "I'm In It" due to the Jamaican feature
#9 "Send It Up" mainly due to dude's flow on the first verse.
#10 "Bound 2"--That the RZA-produced track? Sounds Wu-Tang/Raekwon/Ghostface-ish on the production.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Araab Muzik's Remix of Rihanna's "Pour It Up" [Audio]

Araab's remix of "Pour It Up" is DoooooooPe!!  Makes me wish I had great rap-delivery in me..


"Blurred Lines" Robin Thicke & Pharrell On Jimmy Kimmel Live & Asher Roth Adds His Talents To The Track [Video]

Robin Thicke and Pharrell visited Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed their hit "Blurred Lines":

Question: Who decided that T.I. wouldn't show but it was a good idea to allow Miley Cyrus to crash the stage with that...that...that.... hideous 'fit and Hannah Montana voice?!

..And would you look at that.. A MySpace launch party... I told y'all the other day they tryna reclaim their mid-2000's fame.

 And as with all hot songs, here's a "remix" from Asher Roth. And it ain't bad.  Check it out:

"What You Know About It" Big K.R.I.T [Audio]

"Who I Am" Pusha T ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean [Audio]

pic found on


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback: MySpace Has Revamped & May Be Tryin' To Reclaim

Yes. I've already re-joined. (New and improved MySpace)

Goodness.  I get a hit of nostalgia just thinking about this new and improved MySpace.  Remembering the days before Facebook was open to any and everyone (and not just the college kids) and before Twitter and Tumblr were up and running and many years prior to our beloved Instagram...

There was MySpace: every individual's personal, online space to do with whatever an individual could want.  Y'all remember the soundtracks you created and stuck on your site?..The different wallpapers?...Getting codes to do ya shit all up?...  Man!! It was good while it lasted, wasn't it?

After hearing rumors about a comeback for quite a few years, I'd given up any hope for MySpace to actually return and contend with all the aforementioned social media sites, but I guess I just ain't hold my breath long enough.  Seems as though today's the day.  Check out the MySpace's ad:

Since signing up, I haven't done much besides a pic and made my lil Yeezus pic collage my background.  Looks like I have to actually go through and find some things or people of interest.  And one day, I shall.  To be totally honest with you, I joined merely because of the made up party that's going down in their ad.

Don't fake, you'd like to be down with a party that looks like that too. 8^/

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kanye Speaks On 'Yeezus' Contributors & Where He's Taking Music [Video]

Will we get adorned or unadorned on June 18th??..

Last night Kanye West held a listening party for his album, 'Yeezus', which drops June 18th.  Miss Info posted the below vid of a little commentary from 'Ye on who worked on the album with him and how this project is NEXT LEVEL (on y'all ass)..

Waiting on Kanye release dates is like when you hold your breath and you don't realize that you're holding it until you damn near blackout.  ('Least that's how I always feel) Anticipation and anxiety.

JUNE 18, 2013!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Missing: Young Mother & Infant In Philadelphia, PA

Jerrica Laguins

17 year old Jerrica and her infant daughter has been missing for exactly a week (today).

Jerrica Laguins, of the 600 block of North 35th Street, was last seen getting on the 

subway along the Market-Frankford elevated line at the 40th Street station in West 

Philadelphia, police said.

Laguins was last seen wearing a purple shirt, black pants, purple sandals and a pink and 

brown Kango hat.

Her five-month-old daughter, Paris, was last seen wearing a yellow shirt with blue 

flowers and dark blue jeans.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Jerrica or Paris, please contact the 

Southwest Detective Division at 215-686-3183 or call 911.


Georgia Ambulance Crash Kills Patient & 2 EMT's

In the early hours of this morning an ambulance in Ocilla, Georgia was en route to the area hospital with it siren and lights activated, when it crashed into the side of a tractor trailer, which jack-knifed into it's path.

From Huffington Post:

The State Patrol says the patient was Charles Arvin Smith, 65, of Tifton. The emergency medical technicians were identified as Teresa Ann Davis, 44, of Axson, who was driving the ambulance; and Randall Whiddon, 56, of Ashburn, who was riding in the front passenger seat.
Thunderstorms were occurring over parts of Georgia early Thursday morning, though it was not immediately clear if weather was a factor in the crash.
The State Patrol identified the semi driver as Rockwell Lott of Tifton. It wasn't immediately known if he was hurt.



Whoa!: Man Acquitted of Murdering An Escort That Tried To Take His Money Without Rendering Services

How insane are Texas laws that a man is let off the hook for the death of a woman, which he caused by shooting her?!!

A Texas jury acquitted a man of murder after he argued that he didn't intend to kill an escort whom he offered $150 for sex.
Ezekiel Gilbert, 30, faced life in prison after he shot Craigslist escort Lenora Ivie Frago, 23, in the neck on Christmas Eve 2009. She was paralyzed, and died seven months later from complications, according to theSan Antonio Express-News.
A Bexar County jury on Wednesday acquitted him because of a Texas law that allows people to use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft.
Gilbert argued that he met Frago on Craigslist and paid her $150 for sex, but she left without having sex and gave the money to her driver.
Prosecutors argued that the Texas law was put in place for "law-abiding" citizens, not people trying to force others into prostitution. But Gilbert's defense team contended that he was justified because the "prostitution" was really a scam to steal his money, and didn't intend to kill Frago, according to the Associated Press.
I mean... Is the Texas government living by street laws now?  Unless he was in fear of his life, I don't think that his use of a gun fits the bill for the given situation.  I don't think law enforcement and the judicial system in his area should think it is either.

Obviously, the chick had someone else with her (most likely a man), as her "driver", but nowhere does it say anyone threatened him or approached him or nothing.  A judicial system shouldn't let him get away with that.

...Now, the system of the streets might say she tried to beat him and ended up getting her life ended and that's what it is, but the system of the law with that train of thought?...  Don't seem right.

"Soundboy Kill It" Raekwon ft. Melanie Fiona [Audio]

"Strictly 4 My Jeeps" (Remix) Action Bronson ft. L L Cool J & Lloyd Banks [Audio]

**BOOM*** Uncle L is baaack!! (At least for this remix)


"21 & Over" Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller [Video]

"Give U Dat" Nelly ft. Future [Audio]

What ch'all think??

A lot of singing and funny ad lib'n goin' on. But it's better than the last Nelly track I heard.


"All Get Right" Nipsey Hussle ft. J. Stone [Audio]

Diddy Stay Stuntin'. Catch His "Jet Music" Dance Performance [video]

Oh, Puff.  Why do you tease us short-income folks soooooo?..

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Fool Me Once" Nylo

"We Can't Stop" Miley Cyrus [Audio] (Tagged)

Check out Miley's new single produced by Mike Will Made It, "We Can't Stop":

Hmm.. It's no "Party In The USA" :/

"Bad" Wale ft. Rihanna [Audio]

Raise Ya Hand If Last Night's Episode of 'Game of Thrones' Shocked The Life Outta You!!

I have two hands raised on that one!

I was BEYOND shocked last night.  And my insides were BOILING!!  

When my boyfriend introduced me to HBO's "Game of Thrones" in the Summer of 2011, I would have never thought I'd ever be such a fan.  The medieval times and dragons and spells and things just wasn't my cup of tea.  Luckily, my weekends were slow and I finished off that season (via On Demand) in no time and could not WAIT for Season II.  Yeah, the dragons and a little magic is still there but overall this series is well-written and the cast is great!  Each Sunday I know where I'm gonna be at 9 PM EST, without fail.  If you do not watch the show, please catch up on Seasons I, II & (the current season) III.  If you're into good plots and acting, you'll love this show!

So, last night, Robb Stark, the eldest son of Ned Stark (who was beheaded in Season II for NO good reason by little King Joffrey, whom I hate), was slain last night along with his mother, pregnant wife and entire crew from Winterfell because he didn't keep his word to marry a daughter of this other King whose entire kindom was just.. homely!  With his daughters being the homeliest-looking of them all. 

Robb fell in love with the nurse to his men while they were on the battlefield.  Their relationship was beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as that of the khaleesi and Khal Drogo. (Almost) So, I fully understand why he would marry her instead of one of this other king's daughters.  

Since he went back on his word, he decided to have one of his homies marry one of the daughters instead.  This was to be a peace offering of sorts, I suppose, and everything would be all good between the two families.  The marriage went on and the two were "Wedded & Bedded".  The music turned from jovial to sombre and Robb's mom noticed it right away.  Within seconds, a man came up behind Robb's wife and stabbed her several times in the abdomen, archers fired away at Robb and his men were stabbed up and shot with bows.... It was just HORRIBLE!!