Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movie Review: The Purge

Back in the beginning of this month I went to see the film 'The Purge'.  It was WACK (as a heart attack).  And I'm gonna tell y'all all about it.

In this movie, America has a set 12 hours, once per year that no crime committed goes punished.  The only crime it really seems to be speaking of is MURDER.  The concept is that if a certain day/time is set aside to allow this "purging", the overall national crime rate is minimal.  And the powers that be believe that this also cleanses one's psyche and therefore makes life pleasant in general for all Americans?? (I guess)  And they also mentioned a few times that the Purge Day strengthens the economy.  I have no idea how that works.  The entire concept just left me like, "What?"  Not my kind of movie from the get-go.

...But I remained seated...


So, the entire movie played out in the house of this guy that sales security systems that are supposed to be top-notch in securing families from possible intruders during The Purge.  This man's family consists of: his wife, pre-teen son and teenage daughter.

The daughter has a forbidden boyfriend, who leaves prior to the house going on lock down with this great security system.  The fam has dinner and the daughter returns to her room to find that her boyfriend is there.  He tells her that he wants to talk to her father....

Meanwhile, the son sees this guy screaming for help on the surveillance footage outside their home.  He disarms the security system and calls the guy over.  The father re-arms the security system when he realizes that it has been disarmed and the stranger in distress slides into the home just in time, before the steel doors lock...

At this point, the daughters bf calls out the father's name and the mother, father and son are all in the foyer with this stranger trying to figure out like, "Why the fuck did you let him in and who are you?!" The boyfriend raises a gun and shoots at the father.  The father shoots back.  The boyfriend retreats and within minutes dies from his wounds.  And while that lil shootout was going down, the stranger got out of sight.

The mother and father go in search of this stranger in their home and while doing so, a group comes up in search of the stranger saying that he was their mark for the evening and by the family letting him in, they have interfered with their right to PURGE.  An ultimatum of "Your family or him" was given.  The fam tried desperately to get this guy to the awaiting group outside but failed to do so before the group decided to come in and call all bets off: Everyone had to die.

The father fought bravely, but succumbed to stab wounds.  And when it seemed as if the entire family was to meet their demise, a few of their neighbors came to their rescue; killing the mob that invaded their home in search of the stranger they allowed in.


The neighbors want the fam dead! *gasp*

Jealous ass neighbors.  Mad because the hubby made money off of all of them, selling his security systems to the majority of the neighborhood.

And once again, just when it seems as if the fam is to meet their demise... The stranger comes from out of nowhere and saves them.  He left the decision to kill the neighbors up to the lady of the house.  She decided to spare their lives.  They all say down at her dining room table and waited out the remainder of the Purging Hours.  Right before time was up, one lady neighbor tried mama and got bust in the face with the butt of a shotgun.... No one else died and everyone but the family vacated the home.


Seriously.  This is legit how the movie goes.  And I CRINGED the entire showing.

Number 1:  Why the hell would they write the movie to go down the way it did.  A kid disarming the system and letting in a stranger?!!  What in the fuck is that?!  This stranger could have been out that night trying his hand at getting sympathy and then killing whoever lets him in or robbing them and holding them hostage all night...Torturing them or any damn thing!

Just why would the plot go this way?!

And why was the son left alone in the room with all the surveillance monitors?  Why did this kid know the code to disarm the system?..

I like a little bit of "I can see that actually happening" when I view movies.  Nothing about this plot gave me that notion.

When the daughter's bf came back on the scene I thought that maybe he brought a crew with him and was going to kill the fam or torture the family or at least rob the family because it seemed to be common knowledge in their 'hood that the father did his thing throughout the year (selling those security systems) and most likely had some money on his side.  <<That scenario would have been much more believable, and thus made the movie much more enjoyable for all.

Number 2: Why did the neighbors want to kill them again?! They were really just that jealous and mad over the father/husband making money off of selling them security systems?!!..  Here's a good idea: DON'T PURCHASE ONE FROM HIM, THEN!!  I could see if they said he was shady or the systems ain't work or something.  No one ever gave further explanation than he made a lot of money off of them.  That was WACK!!

My friend that saw the movie with me said that it would have been better had they maybe shown the destruction of The Purge Day in a few different spots.. cities or even just neighborhoods within one city and somehow gave them all one common element..  Guess that would have taken too much brain power and budget. *shrugs*

I'd say: SAVE YOUR MONEY on this one.  I wouldn't even rent it from the Redbox

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