Thursday, June 27, 2013

Put A Fork In Her!! This HAG Is DONE: Ms. Paula Deen Loses More & More Deals Since Her Racist Admissions Plus Her Interview w/ Matt Lauer

By this time I am sure you all have heard of the boiling-hot water  the beloved southern cook, Paula Deen, has gotten herself into lately with an admission to using the word "Nigger" to reference African Americans.  This story has been everywhere over the past few weeks.  There's really no avoiding it.  (Trust me.  I've tried.)

I never planned to bring the story to this site because it's not much surprise in it for me.  We've got a down-home, elderly southern gal.  You mean to tell me she calls colored folks "Nigger"?? *gasp*  I am sooooo shocked and utterly appalled!! <<sarcasm.  Okay... I'm a bit shocked that a person in her position would admit such a thing.

As for being offended: her fake tears after losing so many partnerships and their paychecks, along with her decision to "keep it real" on the stand.  Offends me beyond anything.  She says that she has never used the word "Nigger" to the face of an African American, suggesting (to me), that she uses it freely at home and amongst friends and fam.  Just like all other closeted racists do.

I mean...what you do behind closed doors... keep it behind closed doors.  For her sake, she should have kept that within the trusted walls of her home and the others of her racist accord whose homes she visited and freely hollered "Nigger" and any other racial epithets to identify races other than caucasian.

Now, I know y'all probably reading that last bit like, "WTF?! How can Mckenzie think it's okay for anybody to be a racist no matter if it's in their home or in public or wherever." And to those people I ask this: Have you never done/said something at home or while in the comfort of those you trust that you wouldn't dare do/say publicly??  If your answer is "No" then, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a SAINT! If your answer is, "Yes" (which I am sure that 99% will answer this way), then you know what Ms. Deen is up against here and I'm pretty sure you would have NEVER admitted to such frowned upon shit.  When you got shit to lose, you gotta really pick and choose when to keep it real and when the fuck to just give the people what they want.

Paula too damn old to not know that!

Anyways, as I said, I wasn't going to write nothing about this whole story but my mother has asked me about 5 times since yesterday if I saw Paula's interview with Matt Lauer.  The last I heard, she had pulled out of the interview.  I suppose that was just a postponement last week because yesterday a rather flustered and scrambling Ms. Deen sat down with Lauer.  And I believe she really shouldn't have.  This interview is just as damaging as her initial racist admissions.

Throughout the interview Ms. Deen's voice has tears in it, but her eyes never do.  Matt Lauer asked her straight up if she was there to "stop the financial bleeding". I died laughing off that one.  Of course she said "No."  And I think to myself, "Oh... Now she wanna lie to save her hide.  Too late, mama."

Paula also says: "I believe... every one of God's creatures is created equal..No matter who you choose to go to bed at night with.."  Sounds like a shoutout to the Gays and Lesbians of the world (to me).  Again, she's out to prove that she's down with the "minorities".  But that ain't gonna save yo ass, Ms. Deen.  Again: Too late.

Lauer also asks Paula: "Would you have fired you?" "No", she says.  Suuuuurrre you wouldn't have.

Check out the interview for yourself:

Clearly, Paula wasn't ready for Matt.  If she wants any chance at redemption she needs to drop this fake ass, "I'm so hurt that people now view me as a racist.. But I AM NOT!!"-dry eyed crying- sweet country mama- "I love everybody" act and hire a Public Relations agency.  The way she is flailing about right now is digging her hole deeper.

Paula Deen is full of shit!! And got the nerve to say she don't like liars.... However, in this interview she proves herself to be one.

 I think what really got under my skin in this interview is her saying this: "I is what I is."

What in the fuck kinda minstrel show-speak is that?!!  Did she just try to make an excuse for her use of the word "Nigger" without actually wording it as an excuse??? Her saying, "I is what I is" causes me to believe that her choice of dialect in that one sentence was to prove that she is simply a product of her environment/upbringing in deep south during "different times" (40's, 50's, 60's...).  Hmmm.  I LOATHE mind games.

Play around as she may, she's losing money left and right.  At the time of taping only Food Network and Smithfield Foods had dropped her.  Since then Walmart and Target has followed suit and as Matt mentions in the interview, QVC is considering...

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