Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MUST SEE: 'The Mrs. Carter Show' Starring Beyoncé!!!

Beyoncé performing at the Verizon Center in DC, July 29, 2013

Monday, June 29, 2013 Beyoncé stopped by D.C. for the 1st of 2 nights on her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' Tour at the Verizon Center.  And I was there!! I'd been anxiously waiting to see Bey perform live since getting my ticket several months ago.  And this day just couldn't come fast enough!  I've been seeing pictures and video from her stops all over the world and just knew the show would be hype and unforgettable.  And it was!  Beyoncé is awesome!  Seeing her on tv and hearing her on your iPod and radio is one level of awesome.  But seeing her live is a whole 'notha level of YAAAAY!

During her 2 hour show Bey sang (do y'all want the list??--Yes I was jotting in my Notes during the show.):

End of Time
Run the World (Girls)
Flaws and All
If I Were A Boy
Get Me Bodied
Baby Boy
Naughty Girl
Freakum Dress
I Care
Why Don't You Love Me (a la James Brown ending)
1+1 ("Speechless" twist in there)
Love On Top <<My Aunt Peaches fave!
Crazy In Love
Single Ladies
Grown Woman
I Was Here
I Will Always Love You (cover)

In between there were at least 9 super speedy outfit changes.  She interacted with the crowd.  She sang.  She danced.  Her dancers danced and twirled all over the stage.  She flew across the floor from one stage to the other... The atmosphere was happy and hype.  The show was just too good!

If she is coming to a town near you, I seriously suggest that you try to get yourself a ticket.

And D.C., she will be back in December 2013.  Check TicketMaster for ticket information.

I leave you with this rough vid I posted on Instagram:

"F*ck 'Em All" Giftz ft. Rockie Fresh & King Louie [Audio]

"Hood Pope" A$AP Ferg [Audio]

"Fire" Big Sean [Audio]

"I Wonder Why" Rick Ross [Audio]

"I Wanna Be With You" DJ Khaled ft. Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Future [Audio]

The release of this song confirms that Khaled's proposal to Nicki Minaj (click here for vid) was nothing more than a joke and publicity stunt.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Attention Rappers!!!: Big Sean Invites All To Submit Freestyles On His "Beware" Instrumental on Soundcloud

Big Sean and Def Jam has opened a competition for all (aspiring) rappers to send in their flow on his "Beware" instrumental.  The winner gets a "HALL OF FAME nod from Big Sean".  I'm not really sure the actual extent of this "prize" but it's definitely worth a shot for any rapper that's up for the challenge.  This could be someone's big exposure.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Body of Bride-To-Be Found After Friday Night's Hudson River Accident As Search Continues For Best Man

The body of Lindsey Stewart, a 30 year old looking forward to becoming a Mrs. in a couple of weeks, was found in New York's Hudson River yesterday after a search was conducted for her and her groom-to-be's best man, Mark Lennon.  Stewart, along with her fiancé, Brian Bond, and four other friends were enjoying a Friday night cruise in a speedboat operated by their friend Jojo Johns when the accident occurred; throwing two from the boat and injuring all others aboard.

The search continues for Lennon, who is presumed to be dead as well.

Authorities are looking into the intoxication of Jojo Johns and possible lighting issues with the construction barge he ran into as causes of Friday night's accident.  Meanwhile, Johns has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault.


DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj Via MTV Video

Watch the MTV video of DJ Khaled proposing to Nicki Minaj:

Get More: DJ Khaled, Music News

Is this a joke?? (If not, why can I not stop laughing?!)

Have they ever dated before this proposal?.. (LAST QUESTION:) Is Nicki as confused as I am by this love confession?

Oh..hold up.. one more question: Sweater in the summer??


Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Show You" Tyga ft. Future [Video]

I like Tyga.  Even after seeing that clip from Bu$tas (enjoy that clip here) when he was but a wee suburban boy that bragged on his posh lifestyle (and proving that he is nowhere near the gangsta he raps of being).   But this song, I'm not liking.  Why do folks feature Future like he's the bacon or butter of the rap game??! He does not make everything better!!

However.. Catch the two below:

Crocodile's Jaws Snap Down On Trainer's Head [Video]

There's yet another tally under the Crocs' scoreboard with the upload of the below video to Youtube.

A trainer goes in for the neatest trick (when properly carried out): sticking his head in a crocodile's open mouth; but unfortunately, the croc had a trick of his own: clamping his mouth shut on said head.

..But thank God for blessings.. after a little shake-y, shake.. the croc decided to (spare the trainer's life and) release him.  And once freed, the trainer actually walked, unassisted, off the scene!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Baby I" Ariana Grande [Audio]

"Sayin' My Word" Ying Yang Twins [Audio]

The first 40 seconds of this track is trash talk about them using "Hahn" first.. The rest of the time is used to complain about not getting recognition for the ad lib.

"Funny" doesn't even begin to describe this song.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyoncé Got Snatched By A Fan During A Live Performance And She Took It Like A Champ! [Vid & Pic]

A fan posted a video online of our Queen Bey gettin' snatched up by a fan while performing during 'The Mrs. Carter Show Tour'.   And like the boss chick Mrs. Carter is... SHE AIN'T MISS A BEAT as her staff frantically worked to free her from the weave-killin' grip of her all-time favorite stage prop.

Following the unfortunate event Bey posted the below to Instagram:

Wow! All this time I ain't think this gal had a sense of humor.  Her play on the lyrics of her hit single "Halo" is beyond funny!

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Love More" Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj [Audio]

Kanye West Released "Black Skinhead" Video Today [Pictures & Link]

In the wee hours of this morning Kanye West released the much anticipated final cut of the video for "Black Skinhead".

You all may recall Kanye being extremely upset at a video that was plastered all over the 'net for this song earlier this month.  He said that he and Nick Knight had worked hard and long on this video and the rough version that was out was to be taken down from sites (and ignored).

I never looked at the version but I am sure it is nothing like what he put out this morning: An interactive video that allows you to slow it down if you'd like and capture screenshots all throughout.  This is a really neat concept.

Explanation of the interactive video.

Screenshots I took while watching the video:

See the vid (and snap screenshots) yourself at KANYEWEST.COM

When "Keeping It Real" Goes Right: A Fugitive's Tales of A Crime Committed 16 Years Ago Leads To Her Arrest

Jean Keating

In the Spring of 1997, a 38 year old, drunken Jean Keating, sideswiped a vehicle driven by Jewel Anderson.  This move caused Jewel to lose control of her vehicle and ultimately her life. Anderson's vehicle crossed the median of an Interstate and was struck by an oncoming motorist.  She died on the scene.

Since 1997, Keating, the sole woman responsible for Anderson's death, had been successfully evading the law, until she decided to brag about getting away with the accident which caused the unfortunate death of 65 year old Jewel.  

Earlier this year, authorities in Manitoba, a province in western Canada, said they received a tip that Jean Terese Keating, 54, was overheard bragging about getting away with suspected a drunken driving crash in the United States several years ago, The Oregonian reported. 
She was taken into custody in Canada in April and booked into the Linn County Jail in Albany, Ore., Thursday, according to the report. She was originally indicted on charges of manslaughter, DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants), reckless driving and reckless endangerment stemming from the crash that caused the death of Jewel Anderson 16 years ago. 
On April 13, 1997, Keating, then 38, was driving on Interstate 5 when she veered right and sideswiped a car driven by Anderson, 65, according to local reports. Anderson lost control of her vehicle, crossed the center median and was hit by an oncoming sedan. She was pronounced dead at the scene. 
Keating was indicted in June 1997, but failed to make her scheduled court appearance. Her lawyer was worried Keating had "flown the coop," according to local station KVAL. 
A warrant was issued for her arrest. For years, officials followed dead-end leads to no avail. Then, earlier this year, one tip led to a major breakthrough. 
After hearing about the bar bragging, a Manitoba officer was able to identify Keating -- who was using a different name at the time -- by comparing fingerprints from a past drunken driving arrest in Canada with prints from the U.S. database, the Register-Guard notes. She was arrested April 8. On June 13, she was taken into custody in North Dakota.

This lady is a piece of work... A CRAP piece of work.  First: She's a drunk that likes to drive; endangering all others in vehicles around her.  Second: Who brags on killing an old lady??! 

The American and Canadian roads are a tad bit safer with the lock up of this one.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beyoncé Fan Loses His Mind And His Knees Go Weak During Her Show [Video]

I just count down the days till I get my chance to be in the presence of good ol' King Beysus! (July 29. Verizon Center)

Take a look at the vid below to see just how magnificent her presence really is.


Kanye West Is Coming Undone: Tries To Wrestle A Photogs Camera Out Of His Hands!! & Tweets That He Spit The BEST Rap Verse In The History Of Rap!! [Video]

West in happier times..
Fresh off of Kanye giving a TMZ cameraman the lowdown on his "Don't Talk!" policy last week (click here for vid), Kanye has yet another meltdown moment with the paps on Friday.

Coming out of LAX, photogs were getting their Kanye shots and others were recording.  One guy decides to press his luck, asking Kanye what's the deal with his "Don't Talk!" policy.  The conversation went from: "What was up with all that stuff..Why can't we talk to you?.. to: "C'mon..I don't want to fight with you." (as Kanye approaches him).

Kanye explains to the guy that he KNOWS he (the cameraman) is  trying to bait him by pissing him off and getting a bad reaction out of him.... just seconds before he rushes the guy and tries to take away his camera. <<So much for applying what you know and making the best decisions, huh?

See the footage for yourself:

Kanye seems to be unravelling right before our eyes.

His tweet from yesterday supports my above statement :

...That AND the above vid of his attack on paparazzi as well as the one from last week (click to see vid) AND his complete lack of support for his big bro, Jay-Z's, latest, great work 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'.  MCHG is a dope album! When I first reviewed it (click here review) I only really cared for about 8-10 tracks out of the 16.  Now, I'm loving the entire album!  

Jay-Z brought it!  He owns the Summer of 2013 (Just like Nas did last summer with 'Life Is Good').  Why would Kanye not celebrate that and be happy for his homey?  While the 'net was/is on fire with Jay-Z talk, Kanye hasn't once piped in with his thoughts on the album or to even just send Jay a congratulatory shout out. I mean.. Kanye.  The guy that hasn't tweeted much lately, sent out the below tweets while Trending Topics on Twitter were "Magna Carta Holy Grail" ,"MCHG", "JayZ".  Just about everyone, to the Jay superfan from the Jay hater, were all tweeting about this man and the premiere of his latest work and Kanye, a close "friend" of his, tweets out this (and to-date, still, has not mentioned the album):

What is with that?!!

(You be the judge.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Then & Now: Crappy Celebrity Edition [Pictures]

I think everyone has a few pictures they're ashamed of.  I can think of quite a few that I'd like to burn.  (If only my mama would release them to me.)  

This morning I came across a post on that proves that even some of our favorite celebs aren't exempt from eternally embarrassing images from yesteryear.

Out of the 40 before and after pictures posted, 2 gave me the shock of my life!!!

YEEAAH!... I mean... NOOOO!!  

Jon's no looker now, but compared to what he used to be... Now is an exponential improvement.  Are they sure that's Jon, (on the left), even?  


Ryan transformed into a handsome man.  A long way from the chunky little girl that he used to be.

(Again.. are they even sure that the pic on the left is, in fact, Ryan?)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ain't No Love Amongst Rollers: Bambi of Basketball Wives LA & Mary Jane of ... (???) Clash

A few weeks ago we (those that tune in to Love & Hip Hop ATL) were introduced to the underlying messiness that is Kirk Frost (the husband of the Atlanta female rapper, Rasheeda) and the bimbos he laid up with on camera.  One bimbo in particular, Mary Jane, seems to have set out to milk her 5 minutes on camera for all that it's worth.  She's done interviews with Urban radio stations and even with Ms. Kandi Burruss for Kandi Koated Nights.  She's all over the place to tell who she is and make sure that everyone knows that she could give a flyin' hoot about Kirk's nuptials.

Somewhere between the taping of her sexcapades with Kirk "Bobbin' Apple" Frost, (that middle name is a shout out to that outrageous adams apple he got), and the actual airing of the episode, Mary Jane and her homegirl Bambi, (who we recognize as the aspiring rapper and best friend of Malaysia from Basketball Wives LA), have a falling out.  Now, we all remember Bambi being up on Benzino in the hot tub while Mary Jane and another girl tag-teamed ole Kirky Kirk.  The 3 women seemed to all be enjoying and there were no problems at all.

All that has changed with Bambi turning on Mary, saying that she's whatever for messing with a married man and even going as far as offering an apology to Rasheeda for bringing a chick like Mary Jane around Sheeda's husband.

The two former ROLLIN' partners in crime are at each other's necks now! Crashing interviews, and blastin' about who ain't takin' care of their kids and who's the messiest jumpoff and all!

Thanks to Funky Dineva, all of us outside of Atlanta got front row seats to the behind-the-scenes embarrassment these two grown ass women have thrown themselves headfirst into...

Bambi popped up on Mary Jane while she was in Kandi's shop taping Kandi Koated Nights:

Mary Jane takes the opportunity to get super pumped in Bambi's absence:

  Funky Dineva & Kandi Burruss discuss their thoughts on the former friends beef:

Kandi tried to explain why she interviewed the mistress of her good friend, Rasheeda's husband, saying that Porsha Stewart of Real Housewives of ATL was supposed to be interviewed that night but something went wrong there and she ended up with Mary Jane.  I don't know if I could even allow a chick that slept with my friend's husband and is proud to say she don't give a fuck about my friend's marriage, think for even a second that I'm okay with her.

But, as always, it's different strokes for different folks.  Maybe Kandi let her know something on the full version of the interview??

Did y'all know anyone can come sit in on the taping of Kandi Koated Nights out in Smyrna, GA?.. That's pretty cool.

"Young Kings" The Airplane Boys [Audio]

Upcoming Artist: "Jumpin Jumpin" Freestyle & "Levitate" Sir Daj [Audio]

You all remember the guy that served as the catalyst for the release of Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents 3"? (Click the link for that post) @JordanJClemons is that guy and he's a man on the Hip Hop music scene as well. Jordan's Twitter bio labels him as The General of Anthem Sound out of Pennsylvania, with a few rappers on his team.

One of Anthem Sound's rappers is Sir Daj (@Sir_Daj).  Check out his use of Destiny's Child's "Jumpin Jumpin" instrumental and "Levitate".

Pic found on Sir Daj's Twitter page

Mayer Hawthorne Performs "Her Favorite Song" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Mayer's album "Where Does This Door Go" is now available on iTunes

"FOH" French Montana ft. Fabolous [Audio]

"Super Soaker" Kings of Leon [Audio]

Kings of Leon is back!! "Super Soaker" is a single from their upcoming album set to release September 24, 2013.


"Lay You Down" Ron Isley ft. Trey Songz [Audio]

Ron Isley hooks up with Trey Songz for "Lay You Down".  Check it out:


Monday, July 15, 2013

Travesty of Justice: George Zimmerman Found NOT GUILTY of Murdering Trayvon Martin

l to r: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

On Saturday I spent the majority my day catching up on the Zimmerman trial on HLN, as the jury "deliberated".  At one point the jury asked for clarification on Manslaughter and many of the correspondents thought that to mean that the jury had done away with the possibility of a (guilty of) MURDER verdict.  Although many of those correspondents are lawyers and ex-prosecutors, etc., I didn't think the same as them.  I thought for sure that the jury simply wanted a precise definition of Manslaughter to compare to the exact definition of Murder and ultimately the 6 women would choose Murder. This was always my thought.  And I thought that there was a lot of hype surrounding the jury's question for nothing.  Sadly, I was wrong!

Once everyone re-entered the court room and I noticed that the camera focused on Zimmerman's family but not once gave a glimpse of Trayvon's family (whom I later learned had chosen not to sit in for the reading of the verdict), I knew something was askew.  My initial thought was that maybe he wouldn't get the heavier charge of Murder... (maybe) In hindsight, the family must have been tipped off about the jury's unsettling decision to allow the man responsible for taking the life of their baby, to walk.  To go home with his family and sleep in his bed and to be in his mother's arms and eat and breathe and/or whatever else his live body chooses to do.  That's a hard pill to swallow.  The size of a boulder.

When the jury read off the verdict of "Not Guilty", I was astounded beyond belief!!  How did this jury of 6 women, 4 of whom are mothers, deduce a NOT GUILTY verdict?!!  The questions are: (1) Is Trayvon dead? and (2) Did George Zimmerman cause Trayvon's death?

The answer is: YES and YES!!!

"Gettin' Tho'd" Paul Wall ft. Kid Ink & YG [Audio]

"Go Stupid 4 U" Robin Thicke [Audio]

Robin Thicke's album titled 'Blurred Lines' will be available on iTunes June 30th.  Check "Go Stupid 4 U" from that upcoming work:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Everything 100" Bone Thugs-N-Harmony [Audio]

..Don't know 'bout y'all, but I, personally, am having a hard time believing that this is what they givin' up after so much time away from the scene.

Somebody bring back the 90's, please. (If only for the love of Bone Thugs)


Friday, July 12, 2013

Kanye West Continues To Give 'Em What They Want.. [Video]

A TMZ pap caught Kanye at an airport and he wasn't even havin' it.  Catch the footage below:

And I just gotta ask: Why, Yeezy?..WHYYYYYYYY?!!!! (Was it the mention of Jay towards the end or just the persistence of the guy asking questions that pushed our man over the edge?)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stream Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail [Audio]

It's been a loooooooong few days for y'all that ain't get ya hands on Jay's latest, 'Magna Carta Holy Grail', on July 4th.  Y'all time is almost near. (Hold on just a lil longer..)

Till midnight hits, enjoy the Spotify-provided stream:


"Dead Presidents 3" Jay-Z [Audio]


In case you've been under a ROCK!!!: Jay-Z has been answering fans' tweets all day! I tried my hand with the question of how amazed is he with WondaGurl being the producer of "Crown" from his latest album, 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' and got no response (Whomp..Whomp..WHOMP!)

However, one lucky fan did get a response to his question about a finished "Dead Presidents 3".  And that question has turned out to have blessed us all with a gift from Jay. (Thank you, @JordanJClemons.)

Check out "Dead Presidents 3":

Saturday, July 6, 2013

16 Year Old, WondaGurl Produced "Crown" On Jay-Z's Magna Carta..Holy Grail [Video]

I recently gave my opinion on Jay-Z's latest album 'Magna Carta..Holy Grail' and ranked "Crown" as my 3rd favorite song.  The Sizzla "Solid As A Rock" sample is awesome!  Imagine my surprise when I came across a (Mtv) video on Miss Info's site with a 16 year old producer named WondaGurl (@WondaGurlbeats) saying that she created the beat for the track!!

Get More: Music News

..Life changing, indeed.