Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ain't No Love Amongst Rollers: Bambi of Basketball Wives LA & Mary Jane of ... (???) Clash

A few weeks ago we (those that tune in to Love & Hip Hop ATL) were introduced to the underlying messiness that is Kirk Frost (the husband of the Atlanta female rapper, Rasheeda) and the bimbos he laid up with on camera.  One bimbo in particular, Mary Jane, seems to have set out to milk her 5 minutes on camera for all that it's worth.  She's done interviews with Urban radio stations and even with Ms. Kandi Burruss for Kandi Koated Nights.  She's all over the place to tell who she is and make sure that everyone knows that she could give a flyin' hoot about Kirk's nuptials.

Somewhere between the taping of her sexcapades with Kirk "Bobbin' Apple" Frost, (that middle name is a shout out to that outrageous adams apple he got), and the actual airing of the episode, Mary Jane and her homegirl Bambi, (who we recognize as the aspiring rapper and best friend of Malaysia from Basketball Wives LA), have a falling out.  Now, we all remember Bambi being up on Benzino in the hot tub while Mary Jane and another girl tag-teamed ole Kirky Kirk.  The 3 women seemed to all be enjoying and there were no problems at all.

All that has changed with Bambi turning on Mary, saying that she's whatever for messing with a married man and even going as far as offering an apology to Rasheeda for bringing a chick like Mary Jane around Sheeda's husband.

The two former ROLLIN' partners in crime are at each other's necks now! Crashing interviews, and blastin' about who ain't takin' care of their kids and who's the messiest jumpoff and all!

Thanks to Funky Dineva, all of us outside of Atlanta got front row seats to the behind-the-scenes embarrassment these two grown ass women have thrown themselves headfirst into...

Bambi popped up on Mary Jane while she was in Kandi's shop taping Kandi Koated Nights:

Mary Jane takes the opportunity to get super pumped in Bambi's absence:

  Funky Dineva & Kandi Burruss discuss their thoughts on the former friends beef:

Kandi tried to explain why she interviewed the mistress of her good friend, Rasheeda's husband, saying that Porsha Stewart of Real Housewives of ATL was supposed to be interviewed that night but something went wrong there and she ended up with Mary Jane.  I don't know if I could even allow a chick that slept with my friend's husband and is proud to say she don't give a fuck about my friend's marriage, think for even a second that I'm okay with her.

But, as always, it's different strokes for different folks.  Maybe Kandi let her know something on the full version of the interview??

Did y'all know anyone can come sit in on the taping of Kandi Koated Nights out in Smyrna, GA?.. That's pretty cool.

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