Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kanye West Is Coming Undone: Tries To Wrestle A Photogs Camera Out Of His Hands!! & Tweets That He Spit The BEST Rap Verse In The History Of Rap!! [Video]

West in happier times..
Fresh off of Kanye giving a TMZ cameraman the lowdown on his "Don't Talk!" policy last week (click here for vid), Kanye has yet another meltdown moment with the paps on Friday.

Coming out of LAX, photogs were getting their Kanye shots and others were recording.  One guy decides to press his luck, asking Kanye what's the deal with his "Don't Talk!" policy.  The conversation went from: "What was up with all that stuff..Why can't we talk to you?.. to: "C'mon..I don't want to fight with you." (as Kanye approaches him).

Kanye explains to the guy that he KNOWS he (the cameraman) is  trying to bait him by pissing him off and getting a bad reaction out of him.... just seconds before he rushes the guy and tries to take away his camera. <<So much for applying what you know and making the best decisions, huh?

See the footage for yourself:

Kanye seems to be unravelling right before our eyes.

His tweet from yesterday supports my above statement :

...That AND the above vid of his attack on paparazzi as well as the one from last week (click to see vid) AND his complete lack of support for his big bro, Jay-Z's, latest, great work 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'.  MCHG is a dope album! When I first reviewed it (click here review) I only really cared for about 8-10 tracks out of the 16.  Now, I'm loving the entire album!  

Jay-Z brought it!  He owns the Summer of 2013 (Just like Nas did last summer with 'Life Is Good').  Why would Kanye not celebrate that and be happy for his homey?  While the 'net was/is on fire with Jay-Z talk, Kanye hasn't once piped in with his thoughts on the album or to even just send Jay a congratulatory shout out. I mean.. Kanye.  The guy that hasn't tweeted much lately, sent out the below tweets while Trending Topics on Twitter were "Magna Carta Holy Grail" ,"MCHG", "JayZ".  Just about everyone, to the Jay superfan from the Jay hater, were all tweeting about this man and the premiere of his latest work and Kanye, a close "friend" of his, tweets out this (and to-date, still, has not mentioned the album):

What is with that?!!

(You be the judge.)

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