Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MUST SEE: 'The Mrs. Carter Show' Starring Beyoncé!!!

Beyoncé performing at the Verizon Center in DC, July 29, 2013

Monday, June 29, 2013 Beyoncé stopped by D.C. for the 1st of 2 nights on her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' Tour at the Verizon Center.  And I was there!! I'd been anxiously waiting to see Bey perform live since getting my ticket several months ago.  And this day just couldn't come fast enough!  I've been seeing pictures and video from her stops all over the world and just knew the show would be hype and unforgettable.  And it was!  Beyoncé is awesome!  Seeing her on tv and hearing her on your iPod and radio is one level of awesome.  But seeing her live is a whole 'notha level of YAAAAY!

During her 2 hour show Bey sang (do y'all want the list??--Yes I was jotting in my Notes during the show.):

End of Time
Run the World (Girls)
Flaws and All
If I Were A Boy
Get Me Bodied
Baby Boy
Naughty Girl
Freakum Dress
I Care
Why Don't You Love Me (a la James Brown ending)
1+1 ("Speechless" twist in there)
Love On Top <<My Aunt Peaches fave!
Crazy In Love
Single Ladies
Grown Woman
I Was Here
I Will Always Love You (cover)

In between there were at least 9 super speedy outfit changes.  She interacted with the crowd.  She sang.  She danced.  Her dancers danced and twirled all over the stage.  She flew across the floor from one stage to the other... The atmosphere was happy and hype.  The show was just too good!

If she is coming to a town near you, I seriously suggest that you try to get yourself a ticket.

And D.C., she will be back in December 2013.  Check TicketMaster for ticket information.

I leave you with this rough vid I posted on Instagram:

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