Friday, July 19, 2013

Then & Now: Crappy Celebrity Edition [Pictures]

I think everyone has a few pictures they're ashamed of.  I can think of quite a few that I'd like to burn.  (If only my mama would release them to me.)  

This morning I came across a post on that proves that even some of our favorite celebs aren't exempt from eternally embarrassing images from yesteryear.

Out of the 40 before and after pictures posted, 2 gave me the shock of my life!!!

YEEAAH!... I mean... NOOOO!!  

Jon's no looker now, but compared to what he used to be... Now is an exponential improvement.  Are they sure that's Jon, (on the left), even?  


Ryan transformed into a handsome man.  A long way from the chunky little girl that he used to be.

(Again.. are they even sure that the pic on the left is, in fact, Ryan?)

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