Monday, July 15, 2013

Travesty of Justice: George Zimmerman Found NOT GUILTY of Murdering Trayvon Martin

l to r: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

On Saturday I spent the majority my day catching up on the Zimmerman trial on HLN, as the jury "deliberated".  At one point the jury asked for clarification on Manslaughter and many of the correspondents thought that to mean that the jury had done away with the possibility of a (guilty of) MURDER verdict.  Although many of those correspondents are lawyers and ex-prosecutors, etc., I didn't think the same as them.  I thought for sure that the jury simply wanted a precise definition of Manslaughter to compare to the exact definition of Murder and ultimately the 6 women would choose Murder. This was always my thought.  And I thought that there was a lot of hype surrounding the jury's question for nothing.  Sadly, I was wrong!

Once everyone re-entered the court room and I noticed that the camera focused on Zimmerman's family but not once gave a glimpse of Trayvon's family (whom I later learned had chosen not to sit in for the reading of the verdict), I knew something was askew.  My initial thought was that maybe he wouldn't get the heavier charge of Murder... (maybe) In hindsight, the family must have been tipped off about the jury's unsettling decision to allow the man responsible for taking the life of their baby, to walk.  To go home with his family and sleep in his bed and to be in his mother's arms and eat and breathe and/or whatever else his live body chooses to do.  That's a hard pill to swallow.  The size of a boulder.

When the jury read off the verdict of "Not Guilty", I was astounded beyond belief!!  How did this jury of 6 women, 4 of whom are mothers, deduce a NOT GUILTY verdict?!!  The questions are: (1) Is Trayvon dead? and (2) Did George Zimmerman cause Trayvon's death?

The answer is: YES and YES!!!

The claim of self-defense doesn't work in most cases.  How many people have stabbed, shot, strangled, etc. others in the midst of getting their ass whipped?! How many do time for injuring another human being?  No matter the circumstances.. God forbid, a death results from the altercation.  The killer, (whether to kill was their intent or not), almost always gets jail time.  Although I do not know any official statistics, I'd like to say 9/10 times, the intentional as well as unintentional killer serves time!

I personally, have a hard time "getting it" with this jury's decision.  How is it that people get jail time for less violent crimes but this guy gets away with stalking, initiating a physical confrontation and killing his mark?  Whereas, 2 chicks can get in a fight and both face assault charges and at the very least be placed on probation for a few years.  Or in the midst of getting jumped by a couple dudes, a man can pull a gun, shoot and hit another man and get an attempted murder charge?  The only real life examples I know of involve black people.  (Though it would be ignorant of me to say that these type of cases only apply to blacks.  So, I won't.)  But, I'm just having the hardest time accepting the reality of it all.

One of the most saddest phenomenon in the world is to do the right thing and be punished for it.  Retaliation is real.  Trayvon's family did "the right thing" in the eyes of the law and the law has turned around and gave them its ass to kiss.

The entire ordeal is discouraging and heartbreaking.  I have very little doubt that if Trayvon was of any other race, or for that matter, if George was of another race, the case would have been open and shut: Zimmerman would be in jail for a long time.  Imagine if a black man ran up on a white kid in the middle of the night and shot him dead, because he said the kid, "looked suspicious" walking in his neighborhood.

I believe that this case serves as the most tragic and obnoxious reminder that America has a long way to go before people of my complexion, my mother's complexion, my father's complexion, my son's complexion.. can ever breathe easy and know the true feeling of equality.

And although this jury got it wrong, maybe Zimmerman's trial and the loss of Trayvon's life isn't completely in vain.  If this story and process gives even just one person PAUSE in their ill, vigilante-style thoughts and/or actions or brings about new laws to protect innocent beings doing innocent things, like walking back to dad's house from the store, then it's not a total loss.  If just one person with a bad taste in his/her mouth for whatever race or ethnicity or "look" they deem unfit for whatever American street or neighborhood... If this murder and trial gives just one of those types a second of doubt... A tiny thought of "It barely worked for Zimmerman.  I may not be so lucky."...

For the six women that stood up and decided to let the murderer of a child go unpunished, especially the mothers, I pray that they never experience an inexplicable loss of a child's life.  I hope this for them; however, I know Karma is real and chances are they will experience something before their life is through that will make them wish they had used their power righteously when they had the chance.

And Zimmerman.  For him, I hope that before his time is up on the Earth, he realizes his wrongs and comes to grips with the deep-seeded hatred he has.  First and foremost for the hatred he has for himself for being the loser that he sees himself as.  This is a man that wanted officially be a member of law enforcement.  He failed at that. He then set out to be an unofficial officer of the law within his community in Sanford, FL.  He's also failed at that.  George really seems to be what I like to call a FUCK UP.  He knows what he is and what he isn't and he hates it.  He's out here spewing hate wherever and whenever he can.

One thing's for sure:  Karma's coming back for him.

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