Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Mother's Boyfriend Beat Her 4-Year Old Son To Death [Video]

Another sad story of a small child's life being cut much too short comes out of Washington, D.C. this morning.

Peter Hendy, a 33 year old resident of Northeast D.C, has been charged with the death of his girlfriend's 4-year old son, Kamari Zavon Taylor.  On Monday, August 5th, Hendy was left alone to supervise the child while the boy's mother was at work.  Reportedly, Hendy called the mother throughout the day to complain of the child's "bad" behavior and make her aware that he had delivered punishment.

Hendy has described that punishment as: "A body shot, but not hard."  However hard he believed the punishment to be (or not), young Kamari's liver was actually severed into 3 and his life came to an abrupt end following Hendy's actions.

From ABC-7 News:
MPD officials have charged Peter Hendy with first-degree murder in connection with the death of Kamari Zavon Taylor, who was found unconscious and later died on Monday afternoon
Kamari’s grandmother Azalea Taylor waited at a DC Superior Court on Wednesday. It was the first time she or Kamari’s father even laid eyes on 33-year-old Hendy. 
"Kamari's a sweet little boy," said Taylor. "He's a lovable, sweet little boy." And regarding Hendy: "This is the person who murdered by grandbaby...And that's a poor excuse for a man. He's a coward."  
Authorities not only allege that Kamari died as a result of injuries at the hands of Hendy, but that the suspect ignored obvious signs of the boy's injuries; instead, he left the boy alone to go sell marijuana. 
According to a police report released Wednesday, Hendy, who lived with Kamari and his mother near 56th Street and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue in Northeast, told police after calling 911 that he had "hit" the boy. 
Police believe that after Kamari's mother went to work on Monday morning, Hendy called her several times to tell her that he was forced to discipline her son. 
According to police, Hendy was upset that Kamari rode his scooter too far from home, after which the boy allegedly told the suspect, "I don't have to listen to're not my daddy." In response, police say Hendy punched the boy twice in the abdomen, then let him ride off again. 
About 45 minutes later, police say Kamari returned home profusely sweating and shaking. He also had severe bruising on his midsection. 
Hendy then put the boy to bed, gave him some water, then went outside to sell marijuana, police say. He came back an hour later to find Kamari with a "blank look" on his face, but went back outside to sell more pot in lieu of helping the boy. 
When Hendy finally returned to check on the boy again, he was already unconscious, police say. 
The medical examiner determined Hendy’s story could not be accurate due to an autopsy that showed that the child was hit so hard his liver was torn into three pieces.

This is yet another sad and sickening story of child abuse that ends with the loss of that child.  Parents must be careful of who they leave their children with.  Some people will trust their kids with folks they wouldn't even trust to hold their car or favorite pair of shoes.  Not saying that is the case here.  But overall, kids need protection.  As parents, there needs to more discretion in the company kept when your child is involved.

Video from ABC 7 News

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