Sunday, August 18, 2013

Funky Dineva Talks About R&B Divas LA [Video]

O.M.Geeee!!! Funky Dineva always hits it right on! R&B Divas LA is a mess!  Specifically, Ms. Kelly Price.  Her attitude on this show is too shitty.  And it's really taken me aback.  At first I thought that maybe she'd been coached to act in the manner that she has been acting on the show: Very confrontational and condescending towards the other ladies.  I truly refused to believe this is the real Ms. Kelly Price, but as the episodes go along I am really wondering. (Kelly.. Is that really you??)

Funky Dineva gives his opinion on Kelly's attitude and delusions of grandeur as well as Claudette Ortiz's nice LA home (which is a rental I think the show has provided for her) , Chante's breast and back-down-to-the-crack showcasing dress while performing in a church and Dawn with her craziness.

Dineva's opinions mirror those of my own and probably the entire viewing audience of R&B Divas LA.  Check it out.  The laughs won't stop.

..And has anyone else noticed how tired these ladies' hair be on this damn show?! Lil Mo and Claudette are the only two that seem to keep it together.  These other ladies... Maybe it's the age, but they don't be carin'!

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