Monday, August 12, 2013

Reggie Brown Claims He Created The Idea of Snapchat & Sues for $267 Million!!

Frank Reginald "Reggie" Brown has made claims that he was the mastermind behind the idea of a disappearing photo sharing app named Picaboo; now known as Snapchat, the widely popular and successful $800 million app.

Reggie seeks $267 million as his fair share from Snapchat's current worth and provides proof in the form of emails and texts to support his claim.

From Daily Mail:

Reggie Brown says newly released evidence proves why he's called ‘The Third Winkelvoss’ in the lawsuit worth $267 million against Snapchat, a photo sharing app he says he thought up before friends shut him out. 
Now the company is worth $800 million and while Brown's former Stanford classmates and Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy admit he first came up with the idea, they say he had no part in creating the massively popular company. 
Photos of the trio together, emails, and text message exchanges are all proof, Brown claims, that he deserves hundreds of millions.

Brown, 23, alleges that he came up with the concept before going to Spiegel, who called it a ‘million-dollar idea’.
They supposedly agreed to work together and looked for somebody to write the code, so chose Murphy. 
The trio moved into Spiegel’s father’s house in Los Angeles where they worked on the app in the summer of 2011, the lawsuit states. 
Brown claims he came up with the ghost logo and the original name, Picaboo, which the trio used in the launch of July that year. 
The following month however they had a falling out and the lawsuit states that Brown was locked out and the other two refused to talk to him. 
The falling out took place in August. In September, Snapchat was launched.

Reggie Brown

Two texts included in Reggie's evidence for his $267 million suit against the (other) two owners of Snapchat:

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