Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rock The Bells 2013 Canceled For DC & NYC Dates

Just two days prior to the Washington, DC stop for the infamous Hip Hop music festival, Rock the Bells, organizers announce that the show will not be coming to DC (September 28 & 29) nor NYC (October 4 & 5) this year due to poor ticket sales.

Here's a statement from Chris Weisbergm the founder and owner of Guerilla Union, (the festival organizers):

“First and foremost, it is with great sadness and disappointment that we must cancel the Washington, DC and New York City Rock the Bells dates due to lack of ticket sales. I, along with our staff, the artists, and all of the sponsors, media partners, local promoters, and radio stations involved are thankful for our supporters and the fans that planned on attending. It’s extremely unfortunate that we can’t complete the last half of the 10th Anniversary Rock the Bells tour. We did everything in our power to save the show. Unfortunately, the financial loss would have been devastating. This festival has been ten years in the making.  I am truly sorry we could not produce the show for all the fans who did buy their ticket in support of.”

Damn! What a bummer!  I know people that were really looking forward to this event and even made plans to come from other states to partake in the 2-day affair.  Sure, they get their ticket money back, but what about hotel and travel costs??  Not to mention having such a wonderful musical experience snatched away from you at the very last minute.

Pretty tacky on the timing.


Fire Twerk: When Twerking Goes Beyond WRONG!! [Video]

I haven't been actively getting my daily dose of irrelevant internet in for weeks now.  This morning I took to my all-time favorite blog for guaranteed funny shizz: Crunk + Disorderly.  After looking through weeks of posts I found the below vid of a chick twerking upside down against a door.  Everything seems (annoyingly) innocent enough.... Until she goes crashing into her lil candle-filled coffee table.  (And is that a bottle of alcohol??..) NO BUENO!

For this idiot I am thinking, "Thanks, Miley Cyrus!" (with a face full o'tears)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Louisiana Pastor Shot & Killed In Front of His Congregation

Woodrow Karey, Jr. (pictured above) is currently being held on a $1 million bond in Louisiana for shooting and killing Pastor Ronald J. Harris of Tabernacle Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, LA last night.

From Huffington Post:

LAKE CHARLES, La. — A Louisiana pastor was fatally shot as he preached to a crowd of more than 60 during a revival service and a suspect has been arrested, law enforcement officials said Saturday. 
The shooting at about 8:20 p.m. Friday was at Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kim Myers said Saturday. Sixty-five people were inside at the time, including the victim's wife, said Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory. 
Deputies have no information on a motive or on whether the preacher and suspect knew each other, Myers said. 
Myers said Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. was shot twice by the gunman. The man went into the church while Harris was preaching and "walked up to him and shot him at close range," Myers said. The suspect shot him again when Harris fell to the floor.
The pastor was pronounced dead at the scene. 
Woodrow Karey, 53, of Lake Charles is charged with second-degree murder and was held in the parish jail Saturday, Myers said. Karey's bond has been set at $1 million.
The gunman left the church, but Myers said Karey called the sheriff's office and surrendered. 
Myers said after picking up Karey, deputies found two guns in a wooded area – one was a shotgun, the other a .22-caliber pistol. 
Myers said Karey has no known criminal history.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Hold On, We're Going Home" Drake [Video] Plus An Artic Monkey Cover

Drake's saves his kidnapped lady in the vid for "Hold On, We're Going Home".  Check it out:

And the song is so nice (I happen to love it) that Arctic Monkey covered it:

Click HERE to purchase Drake's latest 'Nothing Was The Same' on iTunes.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Reality TV News: Evelyn Lozada Says She Ain't Up For Another Season of Basketball Wives

According to Huffington Post, Evelyn Lozada has revealed that her contract with Basketball Wives is up with this most recent season (5) that is currently airing and she is not thinking of renewing her contract at this point.  She mentions that would be interested in a spinoff of her own but nothing with a cast of other women.

I don't know... Folks get these grand delusions of a reality tv career.  Ev's no Kardashian.  Who the hell is gonna tune in to watch her every week?  And exactly what will she be doing of interest???  (Again.. I think only a Kardashian can get away with such blasé fuckery.)  What ever happened to having a real talent or aspirations or just a plain old job?  I know Evelyn got to have a better idea than jumping from one played reality show to another.

What??  She finally tired of the ratchedness that is grown women beefing, arguing, physically fighting and causing scenes in public every week?  I mean... Really.

Lamborghini Aventador Breaks In Half After A Crash And Driver Suffers NO Injuries! [Video]

Watch shocking video of a Lamborghini literally splitting in half (front and rear) after hitting a wall in New York:

From AOL:

Two CCTV cameras caught this wild accident between a Lamborghini Aventador and a sedan in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Mill Basin. The dark sedan, possibly a Mazda, turned in front of the super car as it raced down a neighborhood street. Excessive speed may have been a factor in the crash. Of course, when one is driving aLambo, speed is usually a factor. 
The $400,000 car glanced off the front of the small sedan, sending it skidding into a cement wall. The force with which the Lamborghini hit the wall caused it to split in two. While the damage was extensive, Autoevolution.compointed out that the Lamborghini's carbon fiber reinforced polymer passenger cell behaved admirably, staying intact and keeping the driver safe. reported there were no injuries in the crash.

Burger King Launches Low-Calorie "SatisFRIES" Today

Burger King has a new low-calorie addition to their fast food menu today: SatisFRIES, a 70 calories less alternative to their regular, small order of french fries.

From AP:

The chain says a small order of the new "Satisfries" clocks in at 270 calories because of a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil. By comparison, a small order of its regular fries, sans crinkles, has 340 calories. 
Burger King executives say people won't be able to tell that Satisfries are lower in calories. It says they use exactly the same ingredients as its regular fries — potatoes, oil and batter. To keep kitchen operations simple, they're even made in the same fryers and cooked for the same amount of time as regular fries. 
The difference, Burger King says, is that it adjusts the proportions of different ingredients for the batter to block out more oil. The company declined to be more specific. Another difference, the crinkle-cut shape, is in part so workers will be able to easily distinguish them from the regular fries when they're deep frying them together. 
Alex Macedo, head of North American operations at Burger King, said the chain worked with one of its potato suppliers, McCain Foods, to develop the lower-calorie fries. He said McCain can't sell the fries to other fast-food clients and that different suppliers might have a tough time imitating them. 
Burger King took great pains keep the launch of Satisfries under wraps. Last week, reporters were invited to preview a "top secret new product" at a New York City hotel, where they were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. Attendees were each served a carton of the fries on a plate that looked and tasted like any other fries, even leaving the familiar grease stains in their paper cartons. 
Burger King led off its presentation by comparing the fries to the "leading french fries," which are made by rival McDonald's. On a pound-for-pound basis, executives noted that the new fries have 30 percent fewer calories than those served at the Golden Arches.
Diet fast food french fries.. Now if only Popeye's could magically cut the calories in it's über-delicious biscuits and chicken...

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Work Bitch" Britney Spears [Audio]

Ohhhhh. How many ways do I Loooooooovve Ms. Spears? (many..many..)  Check out her latest: "Work Bitch". And DANCE!!

 Click HERE to purchase on iTunes

Sprint Catches Up With The Other Big Carriers & Offers "One Up": An Annual Phone Upgrade Program (Rant)

Coinciding with the much anticipated release of Apple's iPhone 5S, Sprint has unveiled it's own annual device upgrade program, One Up, to stay in comp with its rivals that have offered such programs for many months now.

As a Sprint customer, I must say I'm not feeling it.  Sprint seems to pride itself on being one of the most affordable big carriers around.  And that's cool, but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."  Instead of providing more phone options more frequently, how about providing some actual service so said phones can actually be functional?!  If I am not operating my iPhone 4S on Wi-fi, I have nothing but a phone in my pocket.  (I ain't sign up with Jitterbug for a reason!) And half the time the reception is poor even with that!

Sprint's 3G data service has to be the worst! My mind cannot even process the thought of a possibility of there being a carrier that has service worse than this!  Wanna stream music?. FORGET IT!  Play a game?... FORGET IT! Watch a Youtube vid?... FORGET IT!!!!  You'll be waiting all damn day!

Yet and still.. Me.  Being the Cheap-y that I am, decided that I'd try to get my hands on a gold 5S this weekend with an upgrade.  I'm not eligible for a full upgrade until November 1st, but I checked before going to bed last night to see if I could get a deal on one anyways.  The 32 GB was available to me at the cost of $299.  I figured I'd try my hand over the weekend and lay my $300 down. (Swell!)

But I wake up this morning, only to find that the cost is now $749!!  What happened?!  (I'll tell ya..) This funky lil One Up program has happened.  And I don't wanna participate.  Here's why: I'm currently on a plan that costs a flat $120 for the first two lines and additional for each line thereafter.  If I want to take advantage of this annual phone upgrade, I'd have to go with an individual plan that costs $65 per line PLUS over the next two years pay an additional $31 a month for the $750 5S.  PLUS I'd have to give up my 4S! That's $2,304/ 2 years versus me kicking $300 upfront and paying $60/month for the next two years, which equates to $1740.  That's nearly a $600 savings over 2 years!  I can take that and pay some Early Termination fees to one day (soon) rid myself and loved ones of Sprint's terrible service!

I've seen quite a few posts online today commending Sprint for offering a more affordable yearly upgrade plan than their competitors.  Cheaper?.. Yes.  Worth it?.. (I say) No!-- At least not in my case.

Click HERE to read Sprint's Q&A on One Up and draw your own conclusions.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Offers iOS 7 and The iPhone 5C & 5S...

...And I totally feel like.. WTF, yo!

With each new iPhone release it always seems like there's this huge anticipated holding of one's breath only to get the most minimal tweaks to the prior Apple phone.  I mean.. 4 to 4S.. Just the addition of Siri, which seems like a really cool feature until you actually have it and realize that after a month or so, you're all like "Siri, who???"  I know no one that utilizes Siri on a regular basis.  Do you?..

And now look-see what we have here to be released on September 20th: The iPhone 5 in a tiny rainbow of colors.  No doubt to be a hit with the kids, known as the 5C.  And the 5S.  This has a couple of those lil tweaks Apple is known for each year.  Most notably is the fingerprint identification (Touch ID) and a better rear camera.

Maybe it's just me, but... I am NOT impressed.

What does give me a glimmer of hope is the iOS7 set to become available September 18th.  7's new design has a Control Center, Air Drop iOS 7-sharing feature, multitasking that allows you to preview all open apps with a double click of the home button and more!  I'm actually pretty excited to download this and give it a twirl.

Click HERE to compare the latest in the 5 series and the 4S
Click HERE to check out iOS7's features

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kanye West & Charlie Wilson Perform "Bound 2" On Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Kanye opens his performance of "Bound 2" on Jimmy Fallon last night with: "Brandy lil sister lame and you know it now.."  That's funny.  Other than that, Uncle Charlie don't be playin' 'round.  This entire performance was all'a dat!

"Red Light" EDDIE MURPHY ft. Snoop Lion PLUS A Blast From The Past!! [Video]

Eddie goes Reggae on "Red Light" featuring Snoop.


"Party All The Time"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Attempted Robbery Gone Really Wrong..Or Really Right: Kids Try To Rob But Catch A Crazy Beatdown Instead

Last week two teenagers attempted to rob two men at gunpoint in Charlottesville, VA.  Instead of leaving with loot, they left with busted faces and criminal charges.

From Huffington Post:

Police say Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, allegedly held two men at gunpoint in Charlottesville, Va. last Tuesday before the victims turned the tables on the men and badly beat them, NBC 29 reported. 
The two victims are reported to be doing just fine, but Calderon and Allen were badly injured. Allen's right eye was swollen shut, and both men's faces were badly cut and bruised. The victims detained both suspects until police arrived on the scene. 
Calderon is facing two charges for attempted robbery, a charge for pointing a firearm and another charge for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Allen is facing a pair of attempted robbery charges, according to Fox 43 TV.

..Wow.  That was well-deserved.

Ariel Castro Found Hanging In Prison Cell

Ariel Castro, the kidnapper that held three young girls captive for over a decade in Cleveland, Ohio, was found dead in his prison cell last night.

Castro's sick "family" life came crashing down around him on May 6, 2013 after Amanda Berry, one of the captive women, caught neighbors attention, who then alerted local authorities.  On August 1, 2013, Castro was handed a Life plus 1000 years sentence for his brutal crimes against the women he kidnapped in the early 2000's.

From AP:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The man who held three women captive in his home for nearly a decade before one escaped and alerted authorities has been found dead and is believed to have committed suicide, a prison official said. 
Ariel Castro, 53, was found hanging in his cell around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, located south of Columbus in central Ohio, JoEllen Smith, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction spokeswoman, said early Wednesday. 
Prison medical staff performed CPR before Castro was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 10:50 p.m. 
He was in protective custody because of the notoriety of his case, meaning he was checked every 30 minutes, but was not on suicide watch, Smith said. She said suicide watch entails constant observation. 
Castro was also watched closely in Cuyahoga County Jail in the several weeks after his arrest and before his case was resolved by a guilty plea, with logs noting his activity every 10 minutes. He was taken off county jail suicide watch in early June after authorities determined he was not a suicide risk. 
Castro's attorneys tried unsuccessfully to have a psychological examination of Castro done at the Cuyahoga County Jail, where Castro was housed before he was turned over to state authorities following his conviction, his attorney, Jaye Schlachet, told The Associated Press early Wednesday. Schlachet said he could not immediately comment further.