Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Offers iOS 7 and The iPhone 5C & 5S...

...And I totally feel like.. WTF, yo!

With each new iPhone release it always seems like there's this huge anticipated holding of one's breath only to get the most minimal tweaks to the prior Apple phone.  I mean.. 4 to 4S.. Just the addition of Siri, which seems like a really cool feature until you actually have it and realize that after a month or so, you're all like "Siri, who???"  I know no one that utilizes Siri on a regular basis.  Do you?..

And now look-see what we have here to be released on September 20th: The iPhone 5 in a tiny rainbow of colors.  No doubt to be a hit with the kids, known as the 5C.  And the 5S.  This has a couple of those lil tweaks Apple is known for each year.  Most notably is the fingerprint identification (Touch ID) and a better rear camera.

Maybe it's just me, but... I am NOT impressed.

What does give me a glimmer of hope is the iOS7 set to become available September 18th.  7's new design has a Control Center, Air Drop iOS 7-sharing feature, multitasking that allows you to preview all open apps with a double click of the home button and more!  I'm actually pretty excited to download this and give it a twirl.

Click HERE to compare the latest in the 5 series and the 4S
Click HERE to check out iOS7's features

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