Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Reality TV News: Evelyn Lozada Says She Ain't Up For Another Season of Basketball Wives

According to Huffington Post, Evelyn Lozada has revealed that her contract with Basketball Wives is up with this most recent season (5) that is currently airing and she is not thinking of renewing her contract at this point.  She mentions that would be interested in a spinoff of her own but nothing with a cast of other women.

I don't know... Folks get these grand delusions of a reality tv career.  Ev's no Kardashian.  Who the hell is gonna tune in to watch her every week?  And exactly what will she be doing of interest???  (Again.. I think only a Kardashian can get away with such blasé fuckery.)  What ever happened to having a real talent or aspirations or just a plain old job?  I know Evelyn got to have a better idea than jumping from one played reality show to another.

What??  She finally tired of the ratchedness that is grown women beefing, arguing, physically fighting and causing scenes in public every week?  I mean... Really.

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