Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lamborghini Aventador Breaks In Half After A Crash And Driver Suffers NO Injuries! [Video]

Watch shocking video of a Lamborghini literally splitting in half (front and rear) after hitting a wall in New York:

From AOL:

Two CCTV cameras caught this wild accident between a Lamborghini Aventador and a sedan in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Mill Basin. The dark sedan, possibly a Mazda, turned in front of the super car as it raced down a neighborhood street. Excessive speed may have been a factor in the crash. Of course, when one is driving aLambo, speed is usually a factor. 
The $400,000 car glanced off the front of the small sedan, sending it skidding into a cement wall. The force with which the Lamborghini hit the wall caused it to split in two. While the damage was extensive, Autoevolution.compointed out that the Lamborghini's carbon fiber reinforced polymer passenger cell behaved admirably, staying intact and keeping the driver safe. Carscoops.com reported there were no injuries in the crash.

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