Friday, September 20, 2013

Sprint Catches Up With The Other Big Carriers & Offers "One Up": An Annual Phone Upgrade Program (Rant)

Coinciding with the much anticipated release of Apple's iPhone 5S, Sprint has unveiled it's own annual device upgrade program, One Up, to stay in comp with its rivals that have offered such programs for many months now.

As a Sprint customer, I must say I'm not feeling it.  Sprint seems to pride itself on being one of the most affordable big carriers around.  And that's cool, but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."  Instead of providing more phone options more frequently, how about providing some actual service so said phones can actually be functional?!  If I am not operating my iPhone 4S on Wi-fi, I have nothing but a phone in my pocket.  (I ain't sign up with Jitterbug for a reason!) And half the time the reception is poor even with that!

Sprint's 3G data service has to be the worst! My mind cannot even process the thought of a possibility of there being a carrier that has service worse than this!  Wanna stream music?. FORGET IT!  Play a game?... FORGET IT! Watch a Youtube vid?... FORGET IT!!!!  You'll be waiting all damn day!

Yet and still.. Me.  Being the Cheap-y that I am, decided that I'd try to get my hands on a gold 5S this weekend with an upgrade.  I'm not eligible for a full upgrade until November 1st, but I checked before going to bed last night to see if I could get a deal on one anyways.  The 32 GB was available to me at the cost of $299.  I figured I'd try my hand over the weekend and lay my $300 down. (Swell!)

But I wake up this morning, only to find that the cost is now $749!!  What happened?!  (I'll tell ya..) This funky lil One Up program has happened.  And I don't wanna participate.  Here's why: I'm currently on a plan that costs a flat $120 for the first two lines and additional for each line thereafter.  If I want to take advantage of this annual phone upgrade, I'd have to go with an individual plan that costs $65 per line PLUS over the next two years pay an additional $31 a month for the $750 5S.  PLUS I'd have to give up my 4S! That's $2,304/ 2 years versus me kicking $300 upfront and paying $60/month for the next two years, which equates to $1740.  That's nearly a $600 savings over 2 years!  I can take that and pay some Early Termination fees to one day (soon) rid myself and loved ones of Sprint's terrible service!

I've seen quite a few posts online today commending Sprint for offering a more affordable yearly upgrade plan than their competitors.  Cheaper?.. Yes.  Worth it?.. (I say) No!-- At least not in my case.

Click HERE to read Sprint's Q&A on One Up and draw your own conclusions.

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