Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All-New $100 Bill Went Into Circulation Yesterday

After a setback from the original 2011 release date for the arrival of the $100 bill with an all-new design, the bill finally see the light of day with a release into circulation yesterday (on Tuesday October 8, 2013).

From Huffington Post:

The new design also frees Ben Franklin from the oval border that contained him before, and features a rather large image of the quill used to sign the Declaration of Independence coming out of Ben Franklin's shoulder. 
The new design flourishes, which are intended to prevent counterfeiting, don't come cheap. CBS News is reporting that each bill costs around 4 cents more to produce than the old $100 notes, meaning that taxpayers will shell out an extra $100 million this year to print these babies. 
The new bill took more than a decade to develop and was originally supposed to be rolled out in 2011, but a couple of printing problems caused its delay, The New York Times notes. 

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