Monday, October 7, 2013

Effected By The Government Shutdown??.. Want More of a Reason to be Mad??.. What Congress Has Earned Over the Past Week

..And counting..

If you're like me, you've been thrown into this ill-timed vacay (from work) for about a week now.  And while the term "Government Shutdown" has been plastered all over headlines and social media postings since before the actual shutdown even began, there are those that haven't been SHUTDOWN:  CONGRESS.

Over at Huffington Post, I came across a tracker of the cumulative pay for all Congress members since the official Shutdown has began.  And let me tell you... hearing and/or thinking: "..but Congress continues to get paid.."  doesn't even hold a candle against the huge, shining flood light this tracker serves as.  Especially, with the looming issues of the government hitting the debt ceiling soon.
Congress Still Gets Paid, created by Nick MiaritisSteve Nowicki and Alex Goldstein, they're tracking just how much money senators and representatives have earned collectively since the beginning of the shutdown:

This earns infinite shakes of my head.

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