Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Road Rage in NYC: A Motorcycle Mob & The Driver of a Rover [Video]--UPDATE!!

I saw clips of the below video all over the morning news shows this morning.  And it's CRAZY!!  Reportedly, this mob on bikes targeted the black Range Rover because the driver clipped one of the cyclists.  That happened prior to the camera rolling.

Once the camera did begin to roll, in less than 7 minutes we see the cyclists attempting to block the SUV in.  We see the SUV running over a bike.  We see a full-on chase on the highway and through city streets.  Then we see it all come to an end when traffic prevents the SUV from fleeing further.  A few of those on bikes approach the car, bust out windows and reportedly drags the driver of the car out and beats him down.

The actual fight is not shown on this video.  But it has been reported that the driver of the vehicle was a husband and father and that with him on this day were his wife and small child.  That is a shame!!  And I wonder: Could it all have been prevented?  I'm sure it could have.  On both parts, this should not have gone this far!  I know that poor kid has been traumatized!  But in all fairness, a biker suffered a broken leg as well.  Who wins in this case?  The impatient/careless driver?? The biker(s) that feel over-privileged on the roads when en masse??.. Who wins??


And meanwhile, not a cop was to be seen..


Since writing this post, it has been revealed that a member of the bikers is currently in a coma and paralyzed.

And one biker has spoken on the events of the day, stating that the driver of the SUV was driving erratically and the gang decided to attempt to stop him?? -- That sounds a little off to me.  When I am in traffic with someone swerving or speeding or hopping in and out of lanes all crazy, my solution is to put as much distance between myself and that other driver as possible.  It's not my duty to corner the driver or try to get their attention in any way.  I'm simply outta there or I allow them to get outta there. As long as they are away from me, I'm good.

So, this story of the biker(s) trying to be Good Samaritans and stop this driver or warn him about his driving sounds really odd.  It really sounds like they (or possibly just one biker in particular) simply wanted to mess with this driver.  Maybe had too much time on their hands.  Wanted to mess someone's day up just because they could.  Maybe that is the case..Maybe it is not.  (I was not there.  And as Judge Judy often says "You can't say what was going on in someone else's mind.")

However, we all know what the real is due to the ill-fated chain of events that took place on a beautiful day in NYC:  (1) A man is paralyzed and in a deep sleep, (2) Men are looking at charges for beating the SUV's driver, (3) A CHILD WITNESSED THIS ALL--including his own father run over other human beings intentionally with his truck.

In a perfect world, everyone would actually THINK before reacting instead of the other way around.  Once you react and it's a bad outcome, you cannot reverse the outcome, nor can you prevent what's to come next in response to your bad action.  All you can do is think back on where things went wrong and how you wish it all didn't happen.  And at that point it's much too late.

Again, on both sides, it seems as if poor decisions were made all around.  Sad.

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