Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ms. Funky Dineva Talks About The Latest Episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta [Video]

After episode 2, I stopped tuning into my favorite reality tv show: Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Porsha bashing Kordell was ruling the damn show and other than that wasn't nobody else talkin' bout or doin' shit!  I just wasn't feel in' it.  But then.. I saw a tweet about Kandi's mama attempting to fight Kandi's best friend and accusing her of messing with Kandi's fianc√©, Todd.  And I knew I had to tune in.

Since Comcast does not have this program available On Demand, I had to wait for the little marathon yesterday afternoon to catch up.  And I must say, the show has gotten a little better since the opening weeks.

And Kandi's mama is WILD!!!  Did y'all see her challenge Kandi's bestie?! I mean.. Seriously.. Seriously!  And her sisters were ready to ride wit' her!  I couldn't believe it!  And po' Kandi.  Bless her lil heart for not wanting to stand up to her mama.  I COULD NOT take that bull!

Check out Funky Dineva's rundown of the latest RHOA episode:

WHEW!!!! Did he blast Mama Joyce about her man bein' a SCRUB?! Talkin' bout her man be driving the car that Kandi bought for her! And meanwhile Mama stay talking' bout how Kandi's men (past and present) live off of her.

That's a MESS!!

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