Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alex of 'Black Ink Crew' Is Suing The Producers of the Show

Alex, the fiery little latina of Vh1's reality show 'Black Ink Crew' has filed a lawsuit against the show's producers, claiming that she was roofied by them which caused her to act like a slut.  AND she further says that the producers then edited her scenes to make her appear even more slutty.

From TMZ:

Alexandra Estevez -- aka "Alex" -- filed the suit against Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions over a party episode that was shot in 2012 ("Mixxxy Madness") ... in which Alex appears extremely intoxicated and throws herself at the owner of the tat shop. 
Before the encounter, Alex claims someone connected with production handed her a drink that contained a "date rape drug" and it completely messed her up. She claims she barely remembers a thing, including hitting on the owner. 
To add insult to injury, Alex insists producers subsequently edited show footage to make her look as slutty as possible. She says she quit the show last June because she felt so violated. 
Alex's friend Ericka -- not a cast member -- claims she was also roofied. Together, they're suing for battery and more ... demanding at least $1,000,000.

Even though Alex is apparently CRAZY, I really liked her.  I understand CRAZY (if you will), but this lil stunt she pullin' right here???  NOT COOL!

From the many stories I've heard, the "date rape drug" puts you out!  As in, you are totally unaware.. possibly sleep, even.  At no time has Alex ever seemed totally out of it during the shows we've all watched.  Drunk.. YES.  High (off the drug of her choosing).. YES.  Having a good time, being her true self on camera.. YES.  But never incoherent and unawares.

She needs to stop playin' and further embarrassing herself out here in these reality tv-has-been streets.

Alex is a cute girl and has a fun personality.  Instead of wasting her time on frivolous, made up lawsuits, she should work on getting a spin off or something.  Not with Vh1, of course.  I'm sure that's pretty much not up for discussion as this point.

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