Saturday, January 25, 2014

..And Anotha One: A Mexican Drug Lord Tipped Himself Off To Authorities With His Instagram Account

One of Gamboa's Instagram Pics
Really.  When will those living on the WRONG side of the law learn to keep their biz as private as possible?!  Posting drugs, illegal firearms, major cash, stolen goods, etc. to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. is pure CRAZY!!

Folks that engage in this type of foolishness might as well just step inside their local precinct and throw themselves in a damn cell! (C'mon!!)

The most recent story involving an arrest and an Instagram account belongs to Mr. Jose. Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who is allegedly a top guy in one of Mexico's largest drug cartels.

From Brothers On Sports:
According, Mexican drug lordJose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboawas arrested for drug charges at the Amsterdam Airport. The funny thing, if that is possible about this situation, is that the tip did not come from a jealous neighbor, double-crossing employees or bitter ex-girlfriend. Rather the authorities were tipped off by something very close to Gamboa: His very own Instagram account. 
Gamboa was arrested after being caught using a fake name after arriving from South America. A U.S. law enforcement official says he is suspected of being a lead member of the Silanoa cartel and also wanted for drug charges in  California. The cartel made headlines back in 2011 after hanging three men off of a bridge after one of the cartel’s leaders were murdered. The cartel also recently made headlines when Business Insider discovered it brokered a deal with the U.S. government, between 2000 to 2012, to smuggle billions of dollars’ worth of drugs in exchange for information of rival cartels. 
Seriously.  What is going on with the criminals living in this "Show 'N Tell" World?   Back in the day, (before everyone wanted to show as many people worldwide as possible, via online sources, how they livin'), the law had to do a lil legwork to catch folks.  Nowadays folks is serving themselves up on a platter with this stuntin' World 'Net Wide.

Pure Absurdity.

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