Monday, January 13, 2014

SIX POUNDS DOWN!! (In Just 1 Week!)

I have been struggling with my weight since about 2006.  Up to that year I had always been at a good weight for my height; on the lean side.  Since that year I've tried shedding pounds and always quit on myself after not seeing results as fast as I'd like OR seeing results and hitting a never-ending plateau.

At this point, I'd last actively exercised on a daily basis about a year ago.  And the last time I've dieted?... I cannot even remember.  At 180 pounds, 5'3" tall, I've finally said ENOUGH!!  I had to do something!  So, beginning last Sunday, I took steps towards my weight loss goal of 30 pounds and as of this morning I am SIX POUNDS DOWN!! (Not even lyin'!--SIX POUNDS!!)

Here is what I've done:

  • Drank ONLY water (except 4 shots of Ciroc and 8 oz of orange juice on Friday night)

  • PORTION CONTROL!!!-- I have a food scale

  • Eat largest meal of the day for breakfast-- I cook dinner for my fam at night and eat only a salad or fruit myself. In the morning I eat leftovers from the prior night.  Keeping portion control in mind and usually staying under 500 calories.

  • Consumed 1200 or less calories per day

  • EXERCISED!!-- I purchased a Fitbit One last Sunday to kick off my whole weight loss journey.  The One is a tiny device that I clip to my bra or the inside of my pocket on pants everyday.  It tracks steps taken per day, flights of stairs climbed and calories burned, as well as a cumulative number of minutes (really) active within a day.  This device syncs with the FitBit Tracker app on my iPhone, iPad and Mac.  And I manually enter my caloric intake with the app's food diary (which also syncs to all devices once entered on one).

The Fitbit One really keeps me motivated.  I work from home and I find myself challenging myself to reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps.  Even if it is just walking in place for 30 minutes here or there, instead of sitting at my desk all day and being completely inactive.  I haven't ever hit that goal, but it serves as a great reminder for me to substitute lazy times with some kind of motion daily.

In addition to walking around my apartment everyday (most days getting in at least 1 mile), I walked/ran 23 floors (just one day in the week), and I exercised along with vids from the Insane Home Fat Loss channel on YouTube, such as the one below (3 times within the week):

Modifications in my eating and activity habits over the past week has put me on the right track to getting down to 150 pounds.  I can even see the subtle weight loss.  Over anything, that excites me.

If you are looking to lose weight, try out some of my tips.  Believe me, THEY WORK!

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