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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Fights And Other Sh*t That Just Wasn't Right!

The Grammys tried to threaten our Sunday night pleasure of catching the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in all their glory... TRIED!  (I DVR'd dat!!)  I just had to see what that pajamas party fight was all about! And I would NOT be deprived!  WOULD. NOT.

The latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was too much, was it not?!! From Phaedra's youngest boy's ("Let's Make Up A Reason" to have an) over-the-top party to Nene's aspirations to fill Jerry Springer's shoes: concocting fights and messiness galore with that get together to stir up drama, disguised as a pajamas party.  It was all just much too much!

The show began with Phaedra and Mr. Dwight meeting at the venue for her son's shindig.  I got to give it to Dwight: he knows how to put together a decent party. And that floral blazer had me droolin'!  But, really.. Must a mansion, dancers and caterers really be a part of your fam and friends formally meeting your infant??  I know most of this absurdity was Phaedra's idea and all. But, Mr. Dwight... As a friend!..Can you let the sista know when she gotta cool it?  Please??

And did y'all peep his chuckled reaction to Kandi's engagement (ring)?  Really.  What was that all about?!

And while we talking bout things "peeped"... How 'bout when Daddy Dwight almost dropped Phaedra hefty ass at the end of their dance routine!! That dip almost turned into something Phae Phae ain't quite plan for.

Now, that was the first half of the show.  The extravagant infant party.  The second half belongs to Nene's "Pillow Talk" pajamas party.

Prior to attending the party, Cynthia sat her husband, Peter, down to fill him in on the ladies' day at the vineyard (last episode) and the drama that took place. 

Miss Cynthia.. Miss Cynthia...  Regardless if she knows it or not, (like she told Mynique about being READ..), but she is messy as all hell!!  Now, being messy is one thing.  But being messy and not even being a quarter -way ready for repercussions!!??? I cannot deal with that one.  

Cynthia just ain't built for this dumbness she's been sticking herself in the middle of the past few episodes. And that's cool.  I believe a lady her age should act like she ain't 'bout no foolishness and keeping dumbness going.  But, NOOOOOOOO. She wanna be loose at the mouth one second then get overwhelmed the next, when everybody looking at her like, "Why you run that nonsense back??" 

So, she calls herself giving Peter the scoop, but she ain't tell it all.  She left out some major key pieces:  (1) This all popped out the bag because she wanted to be down and give da TEA to everybody on what Christopher Williams' boo shared with her and Peter about Kandi's fiancĂ© Todd being an "opportunist" (Peter's word, not that of Chris Williams' boo).  and (2) She also didn't tell the whole story when she told Peter what Kandi said about knowing him.  Kandi's whole point that day was that Chris' girl was bringing up Todd's past to CYNTHIA and PETER!!! And this is why Kandi used Peter as an example.  The example was that she knows of/heard of Peter's past and she doesn't believe that the past man he was is representative of the current man he is in his marriage to Cynthia.  THAT is the whole damn story.  So, if you gonna tell it,  tell it right!! 

In that situation Kandi was simply trying to say that everyone has a past.  Just because Todd's past relationship with that lady's friend didn't go well, that does not mean Todd's current relationship with Kandi will experience the same hardships.  Just like Peter in his past dealings.  Doesn't mean that those past issues will present themselves in his relationship with Cynthia.  Point blank.  Point MADE!

So, Miss Cynthia got her hubby all in his feelings because he thinks Kandi is just randomly talking shit 'bout him all because her dude (Todd) was put on blast.

Like I said: Messy!

And before I touch on the PJ Party, I gotta speak on Ms. Kenya:  she visited a fertility specialist  and sperm bank to see about birthing a baby.

And can I just say: She is so full of shit! How the hell she stay hollerin' about this damn African oil tycoon, but she's going to get sperm from a damn bank?!  Distance is not an issue when you have Oil Tycoon Dolla$$, okay!  And I can imagine (leisure) time isn't much of an issue either.  Where the hell is this (imaginary) man?!!  

And then she (jokingly) says she wants Obama or Jordan sperm. The donor's traits will probably be the least of her or any of her unborn child(ren)'s worries.   The real worry is what SHE is bringing to the Offspring Table: INSANITY on INSANITY on INSANITY!!! (Like NeNe said, "Keep it all the way REAL!)

Now, about this party... The female "model" at that party...?? (No ma'am!)  I know Cynthia is on Time Out and all, but NeNe could have reached out to her for something real and a tad bit firmer on the "model" tip.

And how about Miss Nene strutting all over the damn room?! She was looking cute. That lingerie hid what it needed to hide and accentuated those beautiful legs of hers!  But, I still say the all night long struttin' was a bit EXTRA.

Just like her asking lil Miss Porsha to read the first question of the night was a lil on the EXTRA side.  Why did she try to put that girl on the spot by asking her to read ANY question card?! She ain't think ole Porsha Porsh knew how to read.  Porsha got her on that one. (HA!)

And those questions were a straight set up from jump:   "Would you go for a bisexual partner?" (Kordell's alleged activity)..  "Are you okay with being around someone that you know messed with your partner in the past?" (Chuck Smith, Kandi and Phaedra)..  I mean.. This was the MOST obvious attempt to get the participants poppin'! 

When Porsha brought up the whole strip club thing, saying she wouldn't want her man going to one, I thought that was going to be the beginning of the fight the previews had been teasing us with.  Peter straight jumped out there by calling out the other guys in the room on their strip club attendance and then lying, saying that he goes but doesn't participate.  Had he kept his mouth closed on the entire topic, Kandi wouldn't have had the room to correct him and he wouldn't have been feelin' tight over getting called out.

I never could understand why the hell people feel the need to tell unnecessary lies.  Just keep your damn mouth CLOSED!  AND stay the hell out of other people's business.  Especially, if you want your business to remain off the floor.

However, as we all learned, Peter and his stripper pleasures was not the huge fight the network previewed, but it was Mrs. Lanethia Leakes with her mention of  Kenya and Christopher Williams' lady's argument at the vineyard.  Does/did ole Chris Willy deny the extent of his lady's position in his life?.. That is the question.  (Well, that is their question on that night.  My question is: Why'd Mrs. Leakes act so surprised at the conclusion??)

Once NeNe brought the topic up, Kandi was like, "Oh Lawd!" She knew it wasn't going to go well.  Everyone knew that wouldn't go well.  Kenya is a hothead.  That's all we needed for an indication that things would go way left.  Once Christopher stood and began to approach Kenya's side of the room??...  DISASTER!!

Now... As far as things escalating physically... We can thank Chris Williams for that.  

Yes.  Kenya was advancing to his seated boo (that prob don't want none with ole Kenya) but Chris grabbed her by the elbow.  That is a no no.  Especially after his boo sat there taunting Kenya, "Don't try to back peddle now.." 

Given the situation, I can imagine Kenya probably felt like a caged animal.  She had Nene, who is supposed to be a good friend of hers, chastising her as soon as she came through the door and then putting her on the spot about what she said and hollering "Keep it REAL!!!".  Then she has Christopher Williams, a grown ass man, standing up out of his seat and advancing towards her side of the room to get shit straight.  She probably considered him a friend of hers as well.  So, she has two "friends" jumping on her.  Then, we got a bitch she don't even know sicin' shit and yapping in the background like Kenya scared to own up to what she said.

So, yeah.. She had to get at somebody in that room.  It wasn't going to be Chris, because although he is looking all elderly and non-comp for a physical altercation, he is still A MAN! Man vs woman fights ain't right 'cause they ain't fair (in most cases). And she wasn't gonna pop off on Nene because Nene a lil thick.  Picking a fight with Nene may be a bit risky. She looks like if she get a hold of some hair, it's OVER! Kenya ain't tryna be slung from wall to wall.  So, she went the easiest route: A non-"friend" that's talking shit.

Christopher was right to keep her from getting within arm's reach of his lady, HOWEVER.. Physically grabbing her was WRONG!  He could have simply stepped in her way... He could have told Nene or somebody else to get her... (Whatever happened to "Y'all better get this bitch!"?).. He could have tried reasoning with her by talking the situation down... But you know, he came at her sideways from the jump.  And I get it, he felt disrespected by her first so he came out the gate with "I don't know what kind of medication you on.." But c'mon now!  Grabbing on a lady?? A No No!

The entire situation was a mess!  Due to their past work history together, this was a conversation that would have been best had one-on-one with just Chris and Kenya or at the very most, the two of them and his lady.  Not to be had in a roomful of people.  Public confrontations hype those that otherwise would not get hype.  Always.  And if one or more involved is the type that naturally gets hype, they have even more of a reason to turn da hell up when an audience is around.  Therefore, leave the confrontations to be held in privacy.  Especially if it is a genuine attempt to straighten things out.  (However, I have a feeling that no topic touched on that night was done so with genuine intent.)

Then, Apollo straight blacked out on Kenya's assistant, who says he suffered a cracked rib from the attack.  An attack that I believe could have been avoided (from what was aired).  Apollo says that Kenya's assistant hit him in the eye.. I don't know what y'all saw but it appears as though the assistant was on his back and there were several seconds of Apollo standing there and the dude on his back during which there was no punches thrown from either party then suddenly Apollo tries to choke dude out.  And we all know what happened thereafter. 

Chaos.  Pure chaos.  

Maaaannnnn... With that whole "Pillow Talk" scene, I am really wondering if NeNe was on any type of mind-altering substance(s).  That was NOT a meeting to get shit on the table and put it behind those with issues. That was a meeting to get shit stirred the hell up.  Period.

And stir, Nene did! 

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