Friday, February 14, 2014

"Drunk In Love" (Remix) Beyoncé ft. Kanye West & Jay-Z [Audio] & An Alternate Version of the Original

Mr. West has added a verse to Bey & Jay's "Drunk In Love":

And here's an alternate version of the track released by the producer, Detail:


A Man's Proposal Was DECLINED Due To The Size of His "Member"

A Los Angeles comedian, Patrick Moote, was caught on camera recently proposing to his girlfriend while at a UCLA basketball game.  And though we all say a collective "Awww", the outcome isn't sweet.  His girlfriend declined the offer and fled the scene.  This video went viral on YouTube and left everyone (including Moote) wondering, "Why not?".

The answer:  Moote suffers from small penis. (Sadly)

Moote took this answer in stride and decided to make a documentary called 'Unhung Hero', detailing his endeavors to achieve a bit more length and girth.

From Huffington Post:

The botched proposal bruised Moote's ego, but he told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that his girlfriend's dissatisfaction with his size wasn't completely out of the blue. 
"It's not like I didn't know that it was kind of a problem. I see my penis every day, so I was kind of aware of what was going on," he said. 
After he recovered from the initial shock of being rejected, Moote started to think about how penis size is an issue that every man worries about but no one wants to discuss publicly. He decided to change that by making a "cockumentary" called "Unhung Hero," which documents his efforts to lengthen his member through pumps, pills and myriad zany methods. 
Now that he's made a film about his penis, the cat is pretty much out of the bag about its size. So how has that affected his dating life? 
"Most girls don't think I have a penis at all at this point, so if they find out that I do, it's kind of like, you know, 'Oh, well look at that! It's actually there,'" he said. "It's like a homeless guy bringing you home to his mansion, like, 'Whoa, where did this come from?'"
I'm thinking: Is this all an intricate prank to garner attention for this unknown comedian or is this really real??

In Texas: The Suspicious Death of Alfred Wright

Three weeks after Alfred Wright's car broke down at a store in East Texas, his body was found at a ranch just down the road.

Days after his disappearance his watch and fragments of his clothing were found at that exact ranch.  Upon this discovery, a 3-day search of the property came up empty-handed: No Alfred Wright.  And on the 4th day, the sheriff's department's search and investigation into his disappearance abruptly ceased.

Without any sign of Alfred Wright, the sheriff, himself, concluded that Mr. Wright's disappearance was probably drug-related and probable hallucinations would explain why articles of his clothing  were ripped off and discarded, (by himself and later found on the ranch).

To add to the absurdity of the sheriff's assumptions, Wright's death was actually ruled as a drug overdose.  Although none of his family or friends have known him to use drugs and his body was found with a cut to the throat and one of his ears and two front teeth missing; along with all of his clothing save: boxers, both shoes and one sock, which held his cell phone.

Watch CNN's coverage of Alfred Wright's disappearance and death:

The last few minutes of the below video speaks on the major discrepancies between the initial autopsy performed and the autopsy the family ordered.

I hope Alfred Wright's family receives answers and justice.  It is extremely obvious that his death was no accident.  And it especially was not caused by his own actions.  His body seems to have been placed on that ranch.  Probably less than a full day prior to its discovery, and weeks since the sheriff conducted a search of the property.  Wright didn't wander there on his own and lay down to die.  Someone is responsible for taking his life and there are people blessed with life everyday that have exact knowledge of his demise.

For his family's sake, I hope the law works efficiently on this case and his killer(s) are found, tried and jailed.  However, law of man aside, whoever carried out this wrong surely has a world of wrong coming to them in their lifetime.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Streaker Crashed Prabal Gurung's Show During New York Fashion Week

Richard Drew/AP Photo

Talk about balls-y! (all pun intended)

Last night models fiercely strutting the catwalk during fashion designer Prabal Gurung's show in New York City were joined by a man donning nothing more than red, striped (at the top) crew socks, a g-string, loafers, a short trench (coat) and a golden crown.

When a crasher clad in a dark trench coat, banana-hammock and gold crown stormed the Prabal Gurung runway, attention was paid: He did a little dance and was quickly whisked off the runway by security. We’re told by in-house security he’ll be charged for trespassing. 
Who is he? We’ve discovered his name is Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukranian-born wannabe-actor whose infamous credits include grabbing Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotch at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last Thursday and crashing the stage at this year’s Grammys — he stole Adam Levine’s seat and congratulated Adele onstage as Jennifer Lopez handed the songbird her award. 
His IMDB credits include him playing himself in a TV movie documentary, “Most Annoying People of 2011.” 
Thankfully, Gurung has a cheeky sense of humor – the designer donned a gold crown alongside Lucky Editor-In-Chief Eva Chen at his after party later that night.

If this guy is really just looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame, I think he's found it.  I, for one, am intrigued.  We'll probably see him on a reality television show in the near future.