Friday, March 14, 2014

Where I Been Lately & Where I'm Tryna Take It..

My entryway (Yes,I am a fixture.)
This is a post for all my visitors that have enjoyed my blog.  No matter if you only visit every now and then when you're bored or if you've checked me out regularly since the Summer of 2010.  This post is for you:

I have been seriously getting my personal life in order.  And really focusing on me and my fam the past 4 months or so.  Regardless of what anyone may think, that is seriously a full-time venture!  When you totally mindin' ya own, it's no room to mind much else.  And I've always thought that I could manage keeping up with the entertaining lives of celebrities and new music releases and blog it all AS WELL AS do what I wanted to do for myself and make moves I felt really needed to be made for myself.  And as I think on this, I can imagine that would probably be possible, IF I had started out more established than I was... May have been possible.   But I guess I was on shaky ground from the start and that made it difficult to really get myself solid and hold this site down on a solid basis as well.

So, what exactly, have I done during this time of sketchy postings???


At the end of January I closed on my first home. (YAY!!!)  And not just any old first home.  A real deal 1st home.  Front yard, back yard, more than double the square footage of the apartments I resided in over the last 7-8 years, laundry room, entryway, huge bathrooms...#CuldeSacLife!! I'm ecstatic over this huge debt.  Seriously!  And I welcomed this 30 year commitment (hopefully less with additional payments throughout the years) with arms wide open.

Since I signed on the trillion dotted lines, I have been in Decorator Mode.  For the first 2-3 weeks in my home I lived in the Home section of EVERY store!  My every waking moments was online buying this and that(mainly beyond my bedtime or in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't even sleep from thinking of decorating)..Getting ideas for this and that.. It was bad.  Huge headaches accompanied me during the most part of those weeks.

And prior to actually closing on the home and getting wrapped up in decorating, I was totally consumed with the FHA lending process.  This also gave me a headache.  All the back and forth.. Providing the same documents several times over... Having credit and banking records picked apart... Gracious!  I should have been prescribed anxiety meds while dealing with that.  It was just the whole waiting for an answer and being asked to explain/provide one thing after the other for weeks on end.  Frustrating!! But well worth it.  If you're in the midst of this process, I say to you: "Hold on.  Stay vigilant.  Provide everything requested as fast as possible.  Make documents sent as transparent as possible.  Provide explanations BEFORE the Loan or Mortgage Processor even asks for it if you think that your docs may need it.  And practice patience." (and maybe get your doc to call in something to take the edge off of the anxiety--LOL)

All-in-all, the month of February flew by at the speed of light.  I worked my paying job Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM..Worked my decorating job from 5PM to 9AM. O.O (Not really, but sorta, kinda like that.)  It's been busy on me.  All the while I caught a little new music here and there, along with a little celebrity gossip, but I just couldn't ever get around to creating posts for this site.  This house laid claim to ALL of my attention.

But like with everything, the house's hold on me is starting to weaken.  Although my home isn't 100% decorated as I'd like, I've gotten most of the major things out of the way.  I'm now decorating more so on a "Oh, that's cute, I'll get it."-level (when browsing) vs. the "I need x,y,z and I'm going in search of it"-level that I was on about a month ago.

So, I feel like it's about time to dive back into blogging.  I can now devote more time and mind to it.  And I would like to provide you guys with more product reviews,  some giveaways and discounts on products that you may be interested in.

...Although, my cute lil puppy will be delivered any day now.  That means it's also time to delve into training and getting a fence erected.

Stay tuned..

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