Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When A Woman's Fed Up(But Not Really): Video of Lady Letting Her Dirty Dog Man Know What It Is

Rollin' through my Twitter Feed, I came across a tweet from Funky Dineva with a link to the video below.

Basically, this lady created a vid (and I guess shared it with the web) to let her boo know she done with his 32-year-old, livin' with mama, broke as a joke, ho'ing ass!

This vid has its funny moments, but I really wonder: "ARE YOU DONE FORREAL DOE, MA'AM??" *serious side eye**

I believe that if she was, she wouldn't even waste her time on attempting to humiliate him aka GETTIN' HIS ATTENTION. My money is on the fact that she'll be laughing about this video with the dude she talkin' 'bout in about.. less than a day from now.  (Or as soon as he gets bored with the other chicks and needs somewhere to lay his head and eat at besides mama's house.)

Who else want to know how this man look, though??? I do! This story ain't even complete without a pic.

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